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The medicine the raise the yankees and the blue jays not thrilling of course gray will be up in toronto tonight the graham on the mound for the mets this evening as we get things going so let's see what's on everybody's mind if i could take i can't do all these trades folks but we'll see how much we can bear for a couple of minutes really it's really gotten to the point of silliness with a lot of it mike in east rockaway what's up mike welcome back mike thank you just came back from boardwalk driving through the monsoon how about loss and right now but yeah you know my dad risks to solve your brooklyn dodger fan scenarios with the what if trades and this and that i always said mike over the years let's see how the new york teams do during the dog days of saba get out that's what it's about i like what does that mean what does that mean exactly the mets the mets are buried this season's over every day it's been dogged as for the mets okay they they're all dog days and the yankees are on their way to a hundred wins this year so they're going to be just fine their schedules easy than it's been the rest of the season and they've already played six sixty seven baseball over the i eighty five games so then they're going to be just fine i mean we've already learned what they are the yankees terrific and the mets are awful so the globe's aren't going to change that that fact the question is are the yankees go get a pitcher and the mets gonna trade what portion of the team or they're going to trade away that of the only things we're looking to find out now the other the other things we've already found out about these teams seven hundred ball and things develop borrow injuries and see what they can pick up and trains with an extra and the dog days longer tell us i mean the dog going to define what the yankees are they've already been defined we know what they are they're a contender to win at all they just got to decide if they can get fined if they can get another pitcher that's all i mean what the mets are awful the dog find them either their dog days arrived early they've been playing like dogs for two months grin marston what's up it's up there are you doing like what's happening if washington continues to.

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