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But there's so much by great it's like one of the best bike riding places I don't know I guess in the bay area but it's just my other trial right miles of bike rides a road bike or a road bike yeah so they're just everywhere there's more of a car called Jesus you know that's that that struggle is real I know someone and I actually don't know this person personally but I hear through my sister in law the travails of this person who was pulled over by her dog and hit her head and was was now Blake can't even stand up straight like get super dizzy and the headache thing is legit and I mean it's it is no joke and anything about these like football players who concussed multiple times over their careers and they're just hurting for London but they're also like I'm not allowed to call in sick right or take disability because then my career is over yeah so I got to go back in there yeah and and go head first again just horrible I mean they're paid but yeah yup if that's what you're trying to do that's what you tell yourself you've got to do right right I mean well I mean your your career short enough as it is I mean right a ten year career is a long one and football so at the Stanford mall I went and got my suit yes but I also had or anything I also weirdly saw Michael Franti at the mall hello hello funny the where the never picture and then up I don't either or we I.

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