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You know, I look now and I've seen doing the games, you know, and and it used to be that women did. You know, they would wheel out by let's get our token woman to do a woman's game. And that would be the only time you would see them working on television. And I I would say, you know, I mean like who was back then we are. Lesley Visser was doing a lot of stuff back in those and. Who was the girl? The woman. Yeah. But even before that during them even before that. Phyllis George was doing the NFL around and that was a while back. So it was rare. And it was almost like a a novelty, and you know, and then I think all of a sudden, you know, you started to see. You know, Robin Roberts is doing the she's on ESPN. Sportscenter person. Now of a sudden she's doing play by play. And now of a sudden, you know, you go in and you see a woman doing play by play and doing the color commentating. And doing the sideline. So the the world that you're inhabiting right now is so much different than the one. I grew up in. And it must feel good for you. You know, people asked me, you know. Hey, look. You know, you've done this for women's basketball. But don't people look at you the same way like say Holly, you know, you're you're. A household name. If if people say Holly road, they all know who who they're talking about saying, oh, yes, she's the one that does women's basketball football player football fans. No, you baseball fans. No you softball fans. No. You, you know, track a feel fans. No you. I wanna give Leslie visitors some credit here because I I was an internet. I was telling you for CBS sport. And I met Lesley Visser, and she was really nice to me, you know, I'd just gotten out of college at inching work city. And they have this talent seminar to get ready for the March madness for the tournament thing this was in ninety one or ninety two probably ninety two and I'm passing out the binders, you know, I'm like the low level in passing stuff out. And she's really nice to me. We ended up coming friendly. And she says maybe ever thought about five nine reporting. And I thought about being a reporter and an inker, but I didn't know what by reporting what? So so I really credit a lot of my career success to lessen Visser. She's the first one that ever said that me, and then I started really watching her and she set up a meeting for me with guy named Marty Glickman. Do you know who that is? Marty Glickman used to do the Yukon men's games. Now. Did he yes, yes? He was the voice of uconn basketball. Yes. I did not know that. So he was obviously, very famous..

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