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Nine times for sure and i get your point about pressure guys going guys or the other example you know kind of countering god's going against countering guys just just one last thought you said it earlier moore is moore versus jimmy rivera how do you see that one going down i think ryan wins that play too i think moore is is just too good in and out i think honestly he's like probably the best guy that no one knows about in usc you know i mean i guess the i guess never really a lot of people do know about him but he's never really never really heard anyone mentioned him being one of the guys like to fight without and i think he probably is you know that guy behind crews and garbrandt you know i think he's he's an next best guy but i mean i've i've thought jimmy revere within the lose like three or four his last fight and he he always comes out and wins he's hard got to put away definitely a mentally tough dude in the in the cage hard guy he's got get that will you know matter where the wherever the fights going keeps pushing and finds ways to win so i wouldn't want to bet on that flight but i think right in a win i also started something mariah's is two and one in the uc he's one is is to fights but that i fight was against the sun's how and he lost split so should they both win a sign sow credit me and little in the slight lead just because of the head to head right we also have charles ufc featherweight co hosting with us he's got a question for you charles what do you have.

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