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With Caroline burns. Now bears hosting UCLA. Bruins coming into memorial stadium. Winless under new head coach chip Kelly UCLA not looking like a team that hadn't won. They're running back. Joshua kelly. All right. Third and goal Kelly. The single black jelly says let me take care of business here. That's his third touchdown for UCLA from the Pac twelve network Kelly had a total of one hundred and fifty seven rushing yards bears. Could only score once Patrick layered one yard run on the opening drive of the second half. But that was it. There's lose thirty seven to seven starting quarterback. Brandon mcelwain threw for one hundred sixty eight yards but was held a minus two yards rushing. It lost two fumbles and threw two interceptions bears. Head coach Justin Wilcox spoke about what he expects the response from his team will be on the loss. Expect them to show up Monday ready to go field. Everybody feels awful you invest so much time and energy. And you know, when it doesn't go like you wanted to go. Yeah. Stings you only get so many of these opportunities go on play. And so it it hurts and it should hurt. And we'll learn from it, and we got a resilient much guys. And I. They'll come in on Monday ready to practice. The bears are now three and three overall their Owen three in the pack. Twelve Cal heads to Oregon state next Saturday. It was a big game in Eugene seventeenth ranked Oregon hosting seventh-ranked Washington that game goes into overtime and the ducks pull it out with a touchdown. They win thirty to twenty seven the ducks are now five and one overall and two and one in the Pac twelve Stanford had a bye week and Levi stadium, San Jose State struggle. They lose the army fifty two to three Spartans are now. Oh and six on the season sports at fifteen and forty five on all news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. The you remember when you couldn't order a ride at the press of.

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