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Home for hip hop is standing up to racism and racial injustice in the black and Brown community, Big boy's neighborhood. Well, the news Hey, Nat Valya Tagger King In the name of the news. I'm not gonna lie big for a real good second. I was like they found care of baskets. Husband. Ah, mainly, I did think this because of their reports that came out that wrote quote human remains were found on Joe exotic suit, which technically is not his do anymore is, you know some other people took over? But then now, obviously the zoo is going to be given to Carol basket, but I guess they had to cadaver dogs. Brought in for an episode of Zach Baggins. Ghost Adventure is and the Dogs pick something up, and they picked up a sense and it was in the alligator pit. And then it came out real quick of human remains were found, and I was like, that's that baby Joe exotic frames. Carol Baskin killed the husband and fed it right there in the alligator pits, But that was not the case because Sheriff's department Quickly on the scene. They started to recover the bones that were found. Turns out the bones had a tail. Yeah, man. I was there on but maybe Carol Baskins husband had a tail. You know, she doesn't love hats. She have it too. You never know what Netflix is doing for season two. You know they're not going to let something like that. I just have one around. Come on. No, definitely. So, according to them, the skeleton was of a small animal with the tail. So it was not human remains, but watch Tiger King again. Yeah, I would watch I would watch the head again. I enjoy. I enjoyed Watson that you know, we're people rightfully so of thinking that human that this could have been human remains because Joe has said in the past that their ashes of four people buried on the property and so like he's a little cuckoo like if you do watch you tell your king Have you seen it? I would not be surprised. I'm not going to live now, whether it's you know, he killed someone and put him there. I don't think so. But you know, he he could have buried someone there, and they would just you would have been his own bones. But that's not how this lady Carol Baskin, how her husband can't just disappear is more. There's not more looking into it. You know there And I'm pretty sure you did everything with no credit card numbers and you know, and then also, you don't call and say, Hey, I'm alive like many b or, you know, don't say it like I was just trying to get rid of like, Get away from her or something. I don't know. It's dude. They need to find a murder is a big into park on then we need to go after Cara back eyes going on there. Yes, yes. Definitely. All right. For more neighborhood news. Go to real 93 l a dot com And I'm to tell you press for Big boy's neighborhood on really 32 3 Ella's new home for hip hop, standing up to racism and racial injustice in our black and brown communities..

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