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The senate ring of the circus because baseball playoffs here baby but we do have some good games like the foreignowned chiefs at the houston texans probably shouldn't expect another fifty seven point it's from them but they did have a franchiserecord last night last week excuse me the packers at the cowboys and the cowboys have been trying to find a groove again for their offense have gotten away from that ball control and handing off to ezekiel elliott it looks more conservative and dak prescott hasn't looked extremely comfortable or as efficient the last couple of weeks we also have mitch trubisky mitchell trubisky have been corrected by some their stand you'll make his nfl debut on monday night the vikings still don't have they still have same bradford they still have case kinam obviously they've lost alan cooke so their offense is different and then carolina at detroit a is another one of the games that should be highly entertaining you know it was a really good weekend for the panthers offense against the patriots last sunday but that's not what people are talking about with cam newton this week at least not the last forty eight hours i sat here in this chair and i gave you my reaction to cam newton laughing at a female reporter asking about routes on wednesday in a press conference the toll jay was careless and it was thought than and unprofessional and while we hadn't heard anything from him on wednesday most of the day on thursday by thursday evening he had released a video on his twitter it was a minute and forty seconds long we're not going to play the whole thing but i want you to hear the media vet from kim's mouth his apology i'm a father to two stewart they could do would be during the this whole process cows jobs two young people seated to learn something from the don't be like me the core two journalists two super mom dr seuss the woman dji that's the gist of cam newton's apology i would encourage you to go and watch the whole thing though and the way that i encourage you to watch the interaction with the reporter on wednesday because i felt like his facial expressions were a dead give away the the.

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