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Putting live needs a hearty newsradio one of five point nine FM Wesley hospital in Melrose park is officially closed for business is just about two hours ago the hospital shut its doors after a cook county judge this morning deferred a decision to hold the hospital's owners and content the judge vowed to make a decision on the request next week prolonging what is already been months of legal wrangling on the future of the facility on Tuesday Westlake filed for bankruptcy a move that came months after the facility's new owner pipeline first attempted to shut it down their life is criticizing federalize agents for an incident in which its agents reportedly racing's IT levels in a Chicago neighborhood yesterday just by their presence Mrs you can't say why the agents shows to dine in appeals and restaurant while wearing their uniform really don't know and I and I always hesitant to speculate about the motives what I do know is it was grossly insensitive for them to be wearing their ice ray jackets in a restaurant in Pilson it's offensive frankly the incident happened after an ice I after I swept through a food processing plant in Mississippi where hundreds of people were arrested police in the western suburbs say they stopped a twenty one year old man who was driving his car more than twice the posted speed limits Elmer's police say the Clarendon hills man was clocked doing one hundred six miles an hour in a fifty mile an hour zone police say an officer on patrol saw the Nissan Sentra southbound on route eighty three of Butterfield road Tuesday at midnight the driver was pulled over and Billy say not only failed a field sobriety test he blew a point one to six blood alcohol level he's been charged with speeding and drunken driving Bernie devoid of newsradio one of five point nine FM.

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