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Muslims we are Oh Tolerant. Yes even after nine, eleven there wasn't any outbreak of violence against, Muslims but but if you really want to carry it a step, further can you imagine if this group in New Mexico were white? Supremacist, exactly. Right if they were just if they were just NRA members or anybody that I. Did we eighty five thousand live. Shots Spike Lee would be, done filming a, movie look at these, people so you, know so so, you At this double standard exists so. You saw the coverage of, the Bundy ranch, and you remember there, were helicopters where it. Was huge However Because after the after the police finally stepped in in Portland and sent everybody, home we find out that antifa had had taken and really kidnapped federal. Agents they had kept them against their will block to them in their own building the ice building and wouldn't release them calls for the. Police the police say the mayor, said we can't help you federal agents had to come in where with satellite, trucks where were the helicopters on that, Bill even worse than, that you had, individuals one of whom owned a food? Truck. Yes Galling the local Portland police I worked in Portland I don't know whether you know that or. Not I anchored the news on k. a. t. you beautiful town and when I was there in the eighties it was liberal but it wasn't insane liberal now, it's insane liberal so there were individuals. Who felt that, they were endanger American citizens and they call the police and the police simply were ordered by the mayor, who is also the police Commissioner how insane is that.

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