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Will superbikes and much more including all the latest news. So if you've been out and about and you've missed anything that's going on. We will tell you with me right up-to-date, and we will tell you exactly all the license BSP movements, including on this show. Tonight's we have two men who have been recently announced for to be SB teams, Ben Curry is going to be on the show. Tonight's, and yeah, he'll be we'll be hopefully getting him on the phone a bit later on. And also as well later in around twenty minutes time, hopefully if he answers the phone that is we will be getting Mr. Luke mossy on the phone as well. So that should be good. Johnny goes tonight's as ever it is Mr. Kiko Giles. Hello, good evening Kiko. Oh, good evening. Nice to see you all like joining us. Lots to talk about start going to review Japan. Moji pay. We're going to preview Australia. We'd be previewing dictatorial will suport we're going to be talked to look my talks about incurring ungoverned all the news room is as well. So dots to get in a couple of hours. Exactly. Yes. And I should probably just let you know that tonight show as being temporarily prerecorded. So that's, unfortunately, if you have been sending me messages, we're not going to read them out. We were a couple of hours earlier today. So yeah, hey, raised literally one that we made earlier. But anyway, shall we get on with whatever it was that we were planning on talking about thinking like. The news lots all they actually will know lots of it. But big news. I'd say motor GP headlining since Japan who missing the Australian Grand Prix to injury sustained at first of all back in Aragon compounded again with a massive crushing Thailand. He's replaced. I'm so happy to say bible belt is that has finally and he's lost merger GPC's Vanessa gonna factor. G cutting bodies been longer would you? Congratulations about that. We'll be talking about straight here this week and coming up. UK works random corners Monte ever shout. Don't put it past him. Other news his replacement, obviously talked about for both bikes. He's defense team. He's left on the team for now place by Jones, Mike Jones's, I think the point Australia before as a wildcard on very old you Kathy. So expect good things from him Maria Herrera talking to on yesterday racing team joins not team in the Mojo E-Class brand new calls coming in for two thousand and nine teen savvy. A Simione yet score point not his best finish of the year back in Japan. With a sixteenth space in two seconds off his first points and Granado the Brazilian order who was in military to start for the Ford racing team. They've gone to the sponsor Armagh mosaic eat team, which is basically the vintage UK team. But I've gone to I read so they always to the big headline in names in new cars next year and in Moto two. Brian starring as the place. Both bench NADA at tech racing. So looks of changes and signs and announcements their major one of our protests over pace in Lorenzo. He's only call three more rounds to go new GP career interesting that one because a lot of people didn't think maybe Lorenzo would actually solve sitting around out. Maybe they thought he was kind of like faking it little bit. And all I saw unle suddenly last week. Anyway, when he was warning that might not race. I thought just pull yourself together, you know, people turn up with broken necks and still go racing. But. Forearm now as well. So I think there's more than just being. I mean, suddenly still have a writer, you know, suddenly affected by an injury. Not even to say recent Jerry, bought what whatever if it's not political apologized, but anyway, she'll be interesting to see how about Teesta should go. Anyway, he's currently twelve in the standings overall being on a different machine. Would it do many good? I mean, how how will you actually go off think he's gonna get ready? Well, people will look it up towards place ship stunned. He has had a massive round of talks ended in Aragon back in place in on place and sought to you Kathy in Japan breath, taste, the has been on a brilliant form lately. He's going for ten in the championship..

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