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And by the way, my mom went to the Ron Clark academy and loved it on, I'm blessed. She did the person from Monir, who are from less monitoring. Well, I guess, probably the war doll. I out of this is hard are so the ward off, like I mean, in our we're very close. I mean, we text almost every every day he's a great guy, very smart like if anybody feels like any negative feelings about him about things that he said, on social media stuff. He's, he's. Is a nice guy. He's really, he's got a good heart on, but killing up on it a lot on killing a we don't really talk much now like she was just in Atlanta yesterday when we texted about that. But machina are very similar. We have a lot in common, but it probably be are one of those one of those individuals out say, okay, not roaring not Lauren Brock cheek wants to ask you might wife is a high school special education teacher, who's getting burnt out from dealing with the education system. Do you have any advice for teachers in that situation? Yet Brock, I would just say are focused on the kids, 'cause there's education America right now. It's very difficult. Very much teach to a test in Harris can be difficult. We actually have a whistle fide education system in America in on mixed things hard, as soon as we as teachers start to challenge kids on people complain. They don't want their kid to be on. Pushed it a challenge in, so it's difficult. But I will just tell her while to other team. Focus on the kids closure door. Remind yourself it's just trying to make an impact in the life of a child and ERM don't get so hung up on what you can't do because your hands are tied. Don't get so hung up on the things they won't let you do focus on what you can do and on, of anything just being a good mood. When I go to school every day. Sometimes I've had horrible time. I'm sick or a family, something's going on family drama. But out is Thomas have Ron the number one job of teachers to be in a good mood. You gotta walk in that building and be happy and spread good energy. And I'll go in there, and I'll fake it, and I'll smile and I'm half having kids and usually after about ten minutes or so, I'll really we'll start if. Oh, good. But I'm you just gotta gotta dig deep and do whatever you have to be a positive influence in the life, children, Ron, can I ask you a couple of questions about the movie that I watched today, sir? So I watched the movie, and then I said, okay, well, this is probably, you know, ver- very much like, maybe loosely based on. What, what really happened? And there's you know, then I saw you jumping, rope with the students but then I watched the clip of you talking to Oprah on YouTube. And then you talked about how that you really had to double dot right? That's what it's called. Yeah. And you really did that. So I said, oh, well, maybe more things from the movie are actually things that really happened to Ron. Did you really chug all of the chocolate milk? Was that real? Yeah. Really did? New can you explain where you got the idea for that yet? The kids would Chuck chocolate milk. It was everybody got free reduced lunch hundred percent. So the kids would at lunch, they would chocolate milk Suka finish. There's the quickest. So it just gave me an idea. I was like release having trouble ahead thirty seven kids in the class. And they were really focused in it was it was hard to every day I was trying to dictate the fund something to get them excited. And so I had this plan. I said an in the movie, I think sit every three thirty seconds of the but in enroll life, I said for every three minutes fifteen..

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