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It don't work work the Shit Outta everything these fucking thing. Don't work nope we're playing world of work. Well here's here's the I. I know what we need to start looking at. These are sound canceling Hembo. We're just fucking because he can't fuck fuck they're saying. Okay Oughta go okay. Donna ward off anybody else going back again back what. We were touching on earlier before the catastrophe. Yeah go hip so I think the question was how many artists artists in this room. Do you actually know no and care to even speak to. Oh ally okay. So the point. Is that even if you came here and you didn't do nothing there is. You can learn something. Yeah you could talk to you. Free Free Most definitely for instance networking and make it. Yeah the enjoy we make it worth talking bitch and the entire time. Or how about not even Fuckin- can show up because you live right down the road right right. You don't even show up because it's hot right bitch you already live here you already know. It's fucking hot. Signed up for the show right you got a booth and then you go before you don't even come and you say I need to get my money back uh-huh don't spend the money to pay for this fucking room right. You said you would be here. I can't control the weather right. If a fucking tornado. Come through here Wednesday. You still.

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