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Delivering better care that wraps it up from here in Los Angeles. Tomorrow back in Detroit. I'm not going to know what it looks like. And we will see your between five and seven until then with Kim Brown. This is Mitch Albom saying. This is the great voice of the Great Lakes. News talk seven sixty WJR Detroit. Forty seven degrees at seven o'clock. Good evening, everyone. I'm Marie Osborne. The investigation continues authorities now saying they have intercepted five packages containing explosives sent to various high profile political figures as well as CNN, and they say they are looking for whoever is responsible. Here's correspondent Jeanne. Cassandra's? Now details of this device have not become public at all. But billionaire George Soros who lives relatively close to here in Bedford New York on Monday at three forty five a package was put in his mailbox. He we understand was not home. But someone was they called forties. And here's what we know about that. It was a small device. It was padded envelope. There was PCP PVC. Piping along with energetic material that could ignite. I'm Bob Costantini at the White House. President Trump calling the suspected bombs despicable acts vowing to bring perpetrators to Justice. We are extremely angry upset unhappy about what we would this this morning, and we will get to the bottom of it. The targets of the suspicious packages are persons, plus CNN, whom the president often disparages on Twitter and at his rallies in the East Room, though, he said the nation must unify that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America. The president has a rally planned for Wisconsin tonight. Bob Costantini, the White House. Lottery. Officials say there was one winner and the one point six billion mega millions jackpot one ticket. Having the matching numbers sold in South Carolina. Tony Cooper's the chief operating officer of the South Carolina lottery. He says the unknown winner has some time before they have to come forward to claim the winnings. One.

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