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Support additional mentoring programs in the community like midnight golf. We support figure skating in Detroit that uses figure skating sort of as the way to get kids, particularly young girls involved. We support Now we're involved very closely with first tea of Greater Detroit. And so we're looking for programs that keep particularly kids that are under served on the right path to stay in school. To maybe use athletics or some extracurricular activity is a way to engage with others and learn life skills. And so that's what brought us together. So what can you tell our listeners a little bit about the grant we just made to you from the Children's Foundation. Absolutely. We've engaged in our first grant with the Children's Foundation to support our health and wellness programming and sorted into manners. One programmatically, and that's actually helping us with staffing growing our staff in a way that's gonna help us to expand our health programming in particular around the sport of squash, which is one of the healthiest sports one can play. And also in terms of fitness and nutrition and mental health so that we're really grateful for that support because we realized that we play a very important role in the lives of our students, and to be able to provide that wraparound support, including health is really important. You mentioned three of our focus areas, nutrition exercise and then mental health, So it's a natural connection that we came together. I really appreciate the approach that the Children's Foundation takes in thinking about these partnerships. It's not simply a funding relationship. Appreciate that you've helped us to think through other potential thunders other potential part Hers, and I look forward to that partnership growing. Absolutely. So tell us about the capital project that we're helping phone, too, in a small way, But it's a big project. So our listeners need to know about that. Yeah, I'm excited to talk about it. The other piece of the grant that I mentioned is a capital gift toward what is really the monumental challenge of our organization's history, which is to create dedicated education and youth development Center specific to our program to our organisation and our home for the last 10 years has been the Northwest. City Centre, an incredible community resource in the northwest Detroit that has grown us from an idea to Ah full fledged organization, right. We've we've had our ceiling. We really want to be able to serve more young people, and we wantto think 50 years out, and we want to know that our organization is going to be in a position to grow and be a presence in the northwest Detroit for decades to come. So that has led us to the ambitious project of building a 19,000 Square foot Education and Youth Development Center that we're calling the neighborhood portal, the college and career. Okay, that also will be a health hub for the young people in our program. They'll come after school, as they do now, and they'll be exercising. They'll be studying.

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