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This is where we are today way kind of are actually. So what else? I mean, you jokingly said that all Biden has to do is stay awake for this. You have a higher bar here. What? What are you looking from Your candidate for tonight. I think he's going to do very well. But then I've always thought that Joe Bond was a pretty good debater going through the primary. He had a couple I thought were China. Not very good, but he had a couple that I thought were really good on that's kind of the part for the course when it comes to debates. I mean, after you guys were talking about earlier and you were absolutely right. The first Romney Obama debate I sat there with my mouth gaping open. I could not believe how bad Barack Obama wass and then hey, shows up with the next one, and he's back to being Barack Obama. People have bad nights. It's It's very common in debates, and that can go for anybody. So, yeah. Joe Biden could have a bad night. Donald Trump could have a bad night. What's going to be interesting about this? You know, you brought up the issues and as well, you should. Because that's what we should be talking about, But nobody is going to be focused on the issues tonight. Well, that's 30. You know, Listen, I think Trump's 47 months is president versus Biden's 47. Years in D. C. I think Trump looks pretty good side by side. But hopefully it will be. I might disagree well, and that's why we have debates. Rick Hunger Thanks for joining us are we got cut off there, But you will never get cut off. When you tune into the Rick Unger show. It's always a solid Oh, nicely done. Very. Enjoy your debate tonight. Rick could talk with you for 45 traffic.

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