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Susan Waldman along with how we were also going to switch gears a little bit we done some hockey talk with a lot of baseball talk and I'm going to switch to the NFL and the NFL must really be moving ahead because every time I've called Kim Jones in the last four days she's been on a zoom call with the NFL people so evidently they're still moving around so great reporter for NFL network and of course right here in the fan our friend a Kim Jones hi Kim it's Susan and how how are you I'm going to talk to both of you although I wish I was listening to both of you call a baseball game tell you that very much I miss your voice isn't just for those business the only down side of the dome is you're on the computer so long and it really actually does start to bother your eyes in a lot of them because you are you don't think you're the only person I know that it's working I mean you call everybody else what are you doing I don't know I'm planting some flowers or something and every time I call you NFL network or the NFL is having a conscience and by the way you wouldn't hurt me this afternoon because the Yankees would have been in Boston and we would obviously playing on a night game I mean there's no question about it so so you're going to live in a house in the afternoon and then tonight yes I will say this about the zoom you know we've all had to alter you know our course of work and and trying to get work done and everything and and by and large you know they've made players coaches available the ism and that sort of thing now some of my calls that I've talked to you about Susan are work related NFL network or with the NFL at large but when you talk about access this offseason that hasn't been what we usually expect but I think they'd at least tried I know they've at least tried to make some players available and and that's that part to appreciate it you know you don't want to just go away for an entire offseason heck you don't go away for a season which were seen as well but you know in that regard him has been very very helpful in making plans available what a concept so they're pretty good at there it is it is it is kind of full speed ahead right they are preparing as best they can for a season but are there any obstacles what so ever facing the players union as such as it is as well as the club owners anywhere near similar to what baseball's going through now well you know I would probably answer that differently except that you added a baseball going through now I mean I guess I'd start with the NFL Hallie and say let's be honest the NFL benefited schedule why from this virus because it didn't have the challenges the other sports dead you know yes Roger Goodell was criticizing me was told to hold off on the draft told off even on free agency to their credit I believe and I believe this at the time they went ahead with that in my opinion they had the best draft they may ever have and have had until this point it was the best it was the absolute best we got to see people on their real couches in their real T. shirts but they wear when they're watching TV and I loved every minute of it so the NFL benefited that way free agency to me would have always been a no brainer it you know you can do all of that obviously virtually you don't need to be in person for any of it and that the vast physical that had to happen you don't could wait and they did and they you know that that has not been a huge issue by any means so I do think the issue with the NFLPA is something that frankly we all not talked about enough in part because we're just not there yet but in terms of full speed ahead Halle I mean teams have been told preseason games will go on as scheduled I have talked to some coaches in particular and I think players probably feel this way but coaches in particular who say we can't bring all of these guys to training camp in late July St here we go fellas were preparing for a season as usual and not expect to have a rash of injuries there some injuries in the best of her of times with that sort of thing B. is in some cases because of just bad luck in some cases perhaps players aren't as prepared as they should be for training camp and and like I said a lot of that bad luck if you pull a hamstring but I I do think there's a chance that we see in this reported recently that they go from four to two preseason game the idea being that you're still in Tampa you're still working but you're not working in that against an opponent atmosphere where perhaps perhaps an injury is more likely so that if something like that how we in terms of like preseason games for the two I don't think would be a big surprise well it would be a shift on and why well there's also you know I'm monetary factor all of that as we now just not that big a deal when we talk about the challenges these other sports are facing you know and I I agree with you with the with the draft I loved it they had a lot of technical problems that baseball worked out when they finally got to their craft I loved it I loved it coming back and seeing Bella checks Houseki sitting on the chair I mean the dog Nike was one of the stars of the draft okay so it'll be awhile when you B. O. B. if you are bill Belichick stock credit for that but he wouldn't yeah I just thought and I thought it was great I said to how we before what I loved about this draft and the NFL draft I hate it when they're all sitting there at home and some guy doesn't get drafted in the scene and range just dries my heart breaks and then he gets drafted whatever but they're home with their families so you don't you don't see that now you've mentioned about injuries and all that thing how are they going to bring all these people in there still is a virus out there so how do you how are they.

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