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Well I think he was saying do you think we should have a socialist leading the ticket and I said correctly I am friends with Bernie we came into the Senate together but I don't think we wanna socials leading the ticket now and I was literally the only one that raise my hand yeah I think every I watched everyone was looking around to see who is going to raise their hands on one seriously I think that you have to lead and you have to be able to do things that are popular and unpopular and I am someone that's been blind I take things on and I think that's what people are looking for right now instead of worrying about are you gonna piss off someone in our own party or somewhere else you do what you think is right she said right out they're probably shouldn't be a socialist leading the Democrat party ticket why did she say that well one she doesn't think socialism should be part of the title because of the Democrat party but let's go a little bit further I I don't know whether to play this guy who is the home depot co founder but yeah but let's do it let's hear cut twenty nine reading how many goalies we can switch of like a bug course you know Democrats were hoping Donald Trump would be the nominee for years ago thinking that they would do the same so history as a way of confounding the experts in their similar balls out that say you know the you don't like some of these ideas but a lot of people are okay with taxing guys like you to pay for them is on it's it's not down no the deal there aren't enough people like me to pay for it I mean let's face it if they took away all the money I have if they took away all the money of all the billionaires in American or wealthy people they still would have enough money to pay for all the things that they want to do it's insanity this is this is this is called not being able to add one and one they come up with seven everybody else comes up with two I don't know how they justify what they talked about it just doesn't make any sense Medicare for all we know that the costs will be prohibitive Bernie Sanders Elise's honest about it and said well we're gonna have to tax everybody well I'm these middle class America you got to pay for it you think you're going to get another unit pay for it and if he thinks he's going to tax every rich person in America yeah he didn't do it and then who's going to invest money in jobs who's going to invest money in creating new things and new treatments for everybody else is supplanted process the wealthy people let's do it I'm not I'm not justifying the wells I'm just saying that that's the that's the honest facts most of the money that comes in to pay for the colleges the university's hall is young people a lot Bernie Sanders going to these kind of falls cold universities at stupid people put money into so they can raise the tuition rate I wouldn't give money to and the and the university except for a programming I wouldn't give it to their endowment funds or anything else okay I'm gonna put you down as a may be on Bernie Sanders all right that's I'm taking a leap there thank you very much you know I want to follow that it's a little bit the light we had there always good seeing my friend all right I mean I'm the president is set to take the stage tonight some say in front of okay hi this is a quick one and then I'm going to get right to what I want to talk about this is Bernie Sanders it's thirteen seconds long please listen carefully to what he says this is thirteen seconds got thirty one both you know Medicare for walls going to be so disruptive that such a radical idea all my goodness actually it is the release the approach of moving toward universal health Medicare for all the least destructive approach to moving toward universal health care and this guy could very easily be on the ticket leading the Democrat party they have lost all control they fooled around with impeachment in a lot of other goofy stuff they've wasted your time and tax dollars they wasted my time they've wasted the Senate's time the house is time I mean totally wasted it and Bernie Sanders is very possibly very probably going to be leading the ticket for the Democrat party the first real choice some of these leftists who juicy demonstrating and they're not a small number they're a big number this is the way they want to take the country and here's my question and I really want you to answer this question because this has me I don't want to say I'm frightened I'm an old guy they're they're not going to be able to do much to me that hasn't been done but I got.

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