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The government to regulate the news media are you okay with this idea for mark Cuban no no no no no no no listen to this we did mark Cuban quote this is from his verified official accounts quote any politician that says they will push for a law that says no TV or streaming network can brand marketing or name themself a news network unless the six most viewed hours of every night is eighty percent fact checked news and opinion is clearly labeled as opinion gets my vote he goes on to say I think they should label news as news and opinion as opinion this may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard I keep in mind we live in a state that had just the in not too long ago remember when Mike pence try to roll out just in the state run media yeah because of the other yeah I mean really generous releases glorified press releases but it was rolled out a credible wrong so mark Cuban wants to get government involved to tell us what's the news Gee what could possibly go wrong there and who the hell are you going to hire to fact checked the news right the government's going to tell us what the news is I can't imagine why people gave him brush back online this weekend why do so many of these people constantly one more government like everybody complains about the government right everybody **** and complains about the government and their solution won't need to have a smaller government regulations we don't this is an awful horrible idea I put this up there with the jump to conclusions mat like the guy had an office jump to conclusions mass just a horrible idea well I everybody was talking about mark Cuban should run for president I think this automatically disqualifies how god there please you know who will so state run media just off the top of my head Russia China North Korea and those seem much such swell places and you know a Monday evening with your family good god mark are you okay with this the McDonald's CEO was out over a consensual employee relationships stepped down so so yeah at this time I'm going to do a series of ponds and tell me if these do anything for you yeah that's what I call a quarter pounder she asked for the big mac anything these do anything for a quarter pounder really good yes Sir well I can say consensual employee relationship and work rules are rules so I'm okay with this if the rules are you can't be bang and the staff then they can't be bang in the stuff I'm sorry and look the McDonald's CEO he got a good severance deal he it's not like he's walking away empty handed but man I really hope that chip was worth it I really hope that chick was hot because you just lost it also new gig the CEO of McDonald's you know how many times my big fat reran ends up at McDonald's I have paid for this kids college funds over and over again he Katie hill had to step down you damn well better make sure the McDonald's CEO as the step down right right so what we've learned in the last two weeks sleeping with the check that you know runs the drive to McDonald's frowned upon and naked bong hits frowned upon laser things you should try to avoid big at this point we're just speculating is of the McDonald's CEO was hooking up with one of his drive through checks I've got to be a hard drive to check right go big or go home one more here CNN's Jim Acosta said trump thinks on quote very professional in criticism of me is all an act are you okay with this so remember what I said about mark Cuban double that down about Jim Acosta right here no the president doesn't think that Jim accounts is very professional now do I think he plays it up a little bit sure thank the president gets his bass fired up when he goes at Jim Acosta because when you're the hero you gotta have a villain and who's the villain for Donald Trump there I mean there's a lot of him he's like Batman you know Donald Trump as Batman and you gotta fight the penguin you got to fight the joker you gotta fight the Riddler well he's got Adam Schiff he's got Nancy Pelosi and he's got Jim Acosta it all depends on what's episode you want to watch I think there's a little theater here but I wouldn't say that the president thinks he's quote very professional now it's not happening all right it gives got the email merits on his way up all right it is election eve which means kids get your stockings out because later on tonight's Jim Merrin Joe Hogsett could come down your chimney Jim merits running for the mayor's seat here in Indianapolis we'll talk to him next that in turn.

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