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Healthful choices that power people up rather than take them down. Yeah for sure. I used to be in that same place to where there was. Just there was things you know ever present and available and i would grab them because i was passively instead of crap passively instead of intentionally going throughout my days so I in terms of i know this is going to be very contextual but in terms of somebody comes to you and they say hey in the body section of the wheel what would you say is the most important thing i start with. You know that is again very dependent on the the actual person you know so It kind of depend what they're doing right now If if for instance they came and said you know what me back in the day. I drank absolutely no water. I remember telling the doctor. He said you don't drink any water. And i said absolutely no water. I drink coffee and then diet coke and then wine at night was so you know. It's so embarrassing. But i'm really truthful and i'm i'm committed to the truth into helping people because i'm not the only one who who used to. I used to do that. You know dozen years ago. I'm not the only one trust me. I asked people in audiences to raise their hand. If they know any not that it would be them. But did they know anybody that does that and he would not flav. Everybody's saying goes up so if somebody would never drinks water well maybe hydrate would be suport for them..

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