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On his trailer door and he said govern. and. I said, jaw you know I'm I'm working in the scene that that you're not ended but I wanted to say hi and mentioned a mutual friend and sit down we ended up talking for an hour and it was it was lovely. It was really really great to hear how much he loves moviemaking. I did the same thing with Jimmy con on for the boys got to hang out with him and the dancers in his trailer for an hour to telling jokes and. did the same thing on back to the future I? Wanted to be Chris Lloyd I'm a huge fan of Chris Lloyd. Scenes together. and. So Mike Mills succumb three o'clock four o'clock in the morning. On. This Day in and introduce you to him and and I finally you know at four in the morning Chris comes to the makeup trailer and Mike Introduces us and I say you know Mr Loyd very nice to meet you. I'm Georgian. Is is meet you to win and we just looked at each other for a while and it was awkward and he's a very. Private. Yeah. After five ten minutes of not really. Getting your opening ignited with conversation. I was like well nice to meet. You gotta go and it wasn't until a Chris and I were in a projectionist booth at the Beverly Cinema in in Beverly Hills as special guests for a trilogy screening that we had like forty minutes to chat and get to know each other and you know every time I see Chris. Now I tried to bring on exotic plant because he loves exotic plants. and. So I give them give them a rare Venus flytrap or something. Wow that's that's interesting stuff. Is that an exotic one behind the net or? I think it's a Chinese evergreen. I have on the other side of the camera behind a hind you. A. Call it a pitcher plants a meeting plant in I live out in sort of rural farm area, and we get flies and ever since we got the meeting plants are flight population is really died down. It's wonderful. That's a freaky thing man plants to eat meat that that's like. The horror movie stuff Sifi harm movie stuff from. But I you know I was looking through all the stuff that. and the the people that struck me the most and not the people that most people would react to I saw soupy sales Jerry, mathers, Adam West in the movie angels for males I said Man I I met soupy sales but the the the other two I would really. That would that would be exciting jerry matters and that West. Yeah or I met them at a kamikaze and universal used to. Crown new mayor every. So often whenever they wanted to both celebrity that worked with them that the they had ties to join others was the mayor of universal for a year and I did some events with him there when I was playing characters for them. My favorites Ernest Borgnine when he was married really got to. Go Yeah Yeah got few moments with him and he was such a sweetheart. That you know I, think Janet League they had. They had a lot of different mares and Madame West at a wonder con in San Francisco, but it was way back. And I, he was happy that I knew that he co starred with the three stooges in A. The the cowboys are coming. I didn't know that. The. The the bandits come in the bandits are coming some ridiculous title and I was like you know very happy to meet him because of course I was. I caught every Batman episode. Growing up in the sixties. You know. Does guys, you know people like that from television was a big bigger influence from kids growing up in the sixties and seventies and movies in a lot of way because it was pumped into your house, it was something he became almost like a babysitter sometimes for you and and so you you got glued to the television much more and. Since they were fewer channels, there were fewer options that we all got hooked on the same thing. Yeah. CBS NBC NABC and and maybe some local affiliates our local independence I I remember I used to have to sneak out of bed and watch from the stairway the beverly hillbillies for season. You know he has early hillbillies. So. What are you? What are you doing now besides pitching that what? What's the title? What's? It. Are Is. The most amazing in fact Scott my personal guarantee. That it'll rid any SCRUFFY LA or anything that ends with a U. A.. Overnight. Access Burma fusion removes any unwanted. while. I have I have questions though your personal guarantee? What does that tell you actually personally? Bit doesn't work. I don't know what you can do about it. Well that's that's a good Dante I guess that that you should print that on the bottle just like that if doesn't Said man a pitch. Playing Doctor Cornelius, poindexter for some of the living history stuff I do it. You know as an actor I learned early, it's incredibly hard to make a living as an actor. The I think out of the population of the SAG membership less than ten percent make a living as an actor and a or make more than you know. Ten thousand a year. Most of them don't make that much. So I try to diversify had plenty of regular jobs in in the real world is A. PBS? Operators. Salesman. Waiter or Busboy Cook Chef. Valet parking and a though I fell into the that opportunity to act playing a characters are at the theme park. And then I also would do these renaissance fairs in Dickens Fares were could do literary characters or historic characters or imagined characters, and then I started casting and directing of events for a a living history production company Anna did five years in Sacramento of the time travel weekends and develop the medicine man for that and then in A. odd. Dramatization movie of Mark. Twain's trip to the Holy Land in eighteen sixty seven I started playing mark, Twain. That film is called Dreamland. Mark Twain in Jerusalem in it's a streaming on pbs a website or channel. And.

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