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Races I've ever seen in form of the one weird, because for, for many reasons. First of all map, one that reboot. Mercedes driver crashed, you took out both Red Bulls. The session got stopped Max. First happens car for red bull attack. Damaged here. 1 2 3 4 5 6 drivers did not finish the race. Lando Norris Sergio Perez. Lance stroll, Charles Le Claire about your Botox himself and of course Ben. What's it Nikita mazepin? That's his actual name. Hate that guy. Just what a weird race. So how do we? What are you begin here? First of all, there's light rain early on in the race, they read they, they red flagged the session they stopped after a while. Everyone had to restart. They tried to, like, literally rebuild Max first happens car, he had no downforce could barely pass mix. Schumaker, literally took him like 30, freaking laps to pass mix Schumaker and that's kind of one of the weirdest parts of this race is that, you know, Lewis Hamilton was in first going into the race restart app. So they did a formation lap and Lewis. Hamilton goes to the start cuz he's in first month. And every other driver went into pit Lane to change their tires, because they realize detractors way drier than we thought. So that put Lewis Hamilton a massive disadvantage. Had to go all the way around the track before he could pit. He put a new tire set. Put Louise Fulton in last place in the races at 14th position. Max's happened was in 12th now Max. Sorry, Lewis Hamilton. It was really my favorite part of this race. Was it, Lewis Hamilton? Just drove through the whole pack, slowly passing people overtake after overtake after overtake month ended up getting well third-place. Then second here is another reason why this race was incredibly weird and I'm not going to make this into a full break out just going to make it part of the podcast. You know, Sebastian Vettel second place in this race and got disqualified. I'm going to read you. The reason it's, it's the weirdest reason I've ever heard for a disqualification. Basically the real-life birds are unable to take the required amount of fuel for sampling following the race. So they needed one liter then they got zero point three litres from his car and it sounds unbelievable. They actually founded his car because Aston Martin is challenging and appealing what happened there saying, hey, there's still like should be over a litre of fuel in the car through the all of the pipes and off. The the system. So it should be possible to get that much feel out there. They're furious. And I I thought maybe be resolved by now, but remember, form of the one is on Hiatus. They have a break. The next race isn't until August 29th because they're on summer break. So, I don't know when it's going to get resolved. I thought that Sebastian Vettel should have legitimately gotten second in the race. I seems like a weird BS nonsensical reason to take away from him and just just very weird. Now, I want to talk about estimate akhon, because estimate okan be got sick, I got first place in the race partially cuz everybody crashed partially. Because when that happened he took over and Luis had to go to the back of the pack and you held on and there are two heroes in all of this. Number one is Esperanto cons parents..

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