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Hopefully that those guys are just like you see when you get back man only game nine so we still have sixty six gave left so whatever man but we'll see you and we'll see you so the nba is so then that's in. I'm not gonna kill him because look he had a need to tell me why even need to tell me that need to tell you. We don't need to tell the media data need to tell anybody why he's missing the game. He's missing the game for personal reasons period and discussion okay. I'm fine with that. I respect that you don't need. I don't want to know why you missed the game. Just you know when you show up your show up. But it's not my. I don't i don't need to know why he missed a game. It's not his responsibility to tell me why he missed a game. He doesn't need to inform me on why he missed a game just like everybody else. That's his personal business. Gregg popovich missed gains before for personal reasons. He doesn't need to come back. Let the world know why he missed a game. He missed a game because of personal reasons. That's good enough on all need to tread on in terms of why he missed two games. Now if kerry didn't tell his employers that might be a little bit of a problem but that's for them to figure out not me. i don't own the brooklyn. Nets sell their relationship with kyri as far as player organization as a as an employee as a human being. That's that's on them in every every relationship regarding that is different so unless one is better than the other. The nets are comfortable with the relationship that they have in carriers than none of my fucking been. This is my business to sit there and give my thoughts opinions about about it. When he comes back he comes back. Good enough windows world. The sports. I'm your host of wonder wallace so glad you could be with us all right as you know. I always say the worst. For last mile.

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