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Attorney rob Solomon is criminal defense DUI wise landlord tenant work Paul your keys a bankruptcy attorney both of them can reach be reset the also law group in Orlando right now at four oh seven four two three five five six one now me and my wife law partner Chrissy we do the estate planning so if it's on your new year's resolution to get your state planning done as it should be if you don't have it done yet we offer free initial consul to talk to you about getting your state planning done with the goal of mine to making things simple easy and inexpensive for you when are your children when you pass away so call the small group in Orlando for your free estate planning console that phone number four oh seven four two three five five six one or you can email also requested a appointment for that day that meets with your approval you can email us at our website at law to dot com like you too but law to dot com Hey everybody my name is Tom also in the name of the show is also a law we're gonna take a break we'll be back in just a few minutes this is news ninety six point five W. live team coverage of breaking news weather and traffic starts now.

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