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That one. Let's now bring in our internet angel here angel your thoughts on milwaukee. They're gonna closest thing out tomorrow night. I think they are really i think. The momentum has completely shifted to milwaukee. And i just i haven't seen a fightback from the sons which is so weird because they had been his rolling everybody including milwaukee in the first two games on it to compose. He's just so stupid. Good i mean. I think he is absolutely who were given so much Crap about our we can't make a mid range jumper. Yeah they're they're making them eat their words right now. I mean he doesn't need to get to. I mean lebron wasn't a great outside shooter for the first portion of his career. Now he's gotta develop it but you can win championships without it especially when you're that big that physical and convinced that well now definitely and he doesn't need to go crazy from three point range because he has teammates. That can do that. But when you're that size like why are you not in the paint the entire time chris middleton has been the difference maker thinks so far this series if he can keep that up again a game six tomorrow night between phoenix and milwaukee for the nba finals all right. Let's get to the headline that caught our eye. Australian man castrated to volunteers in illegal surgery. Oh my god yet. So ryan andrew king from brisbane was charged in september twenty twenty with two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to maim. He snipped off to men's articles is during an illegal surgery in two thousand. Nineteen and twenty twenty. Was he posing as a doctor was. Were they like held. It was assists psychopathic serial killer type dude or i guess he was just offering a legal surgeries and these two volunteers said shirl had this guy's backyard and get it done oh my god and he filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to the internet. Because why not. I don't even know if. I have the words for this right now. This is insane. Says both the victims victims sought kings operation out of their own. Free will okay but that was the play like they knew they were getting castrated. When they went in or do they think it was another procedure and then he proceeded to do that too that say if they knew what the intent was. It doesn't say that I guess it was an accident or he just got carried away. I guess De he did freeze the remains for evidence so when he was arrested the cops did have some evidence there. This is so bizarre so bizarre. And you think that we've got issues with our healthcare system in the states. This would have made more sense to me if it would have said florida man. But i think australia is. Isn't that what you said this happened. Yeah Australia is just florida on crack Because they've got even more things that'll kill you and now. Apparently this goes on Their sony things wrong with this like look. There's a reason why hospitals are so sanitize and are so sanitary with all of their procedures. There's a reason why everything. Everybody's in gloves everybody's mass. There's a lot of things that procedures like this. They can go wrong and you can die. That's why the average life expectancy a hundred years ago was so much lower than it is now because people had to perform surgeries like this. Are we reverting back to this is this is just. It's so crazy to me. This is a real thing that got published. All right. he said he's done similar surgeries at least ten times wanting to his testimony. But this is. The story is just weird in his own backyard with not even actual surgical whitman. Just random hardware tools and stuff like that. Imagine if he's able to get these surgeries done. This is a really messed up training. That i'm going down here. But if he's able to do these surgeries with like just that stuff. He probably would have been a really good doctor if you would've actually had the right medical tools and could've gone and done it the right way. It's like dude. You missed your calling. Obviously you should have went. And just ben a doctor but for him to lay it ally. This do multiple surgeries. Did he say why was he. Just is that just he likes operating on people or or what was going on. The his testimony did not give a lot of really good information about why or why he's doing this The victims were. They said that they went directly to him for this exact procedure I see and that was the other thing that we're my now that i've got more time to think about this. The the my brain starts going to like the robin hood like z. Is either the doctor for the poor. I mean i. I don't know i don't know what the medical system is like in australia. but i would rather go into debt then let Randy down the street operate on me especially that procedure. That's a crazy one. That's the headline. That caught are today very bizarre. One grotesque gig. Yeah the lot of a lot of different words could be used to describe that one takes our four by four. vip guests who joined us throughout the program today. chris victory and Reporting for nine news. I thought that was a great conversation piece again. Ties back into our poll question that are as well or accessories with the flair poll. Question is this mask may is put back in order. Are you willing to comply with that. Are you willing to go ahead and do that. That's what we want to know So continued to text into the t nine seven zero four seven eight one. Three zero one. You can also comment on facebook at no now. Leave us your thoughts there. That interview will be up Very soon also Kyle superintendent with the country club joining us Appreciate his inside on the open. Did you watch any of the open championship angel. I did not no not a big not a big gulf. I mean i'll sometimes watch golf. I wasn't actively looking to watch that tournament sunday afternoon. Turn it on. Take a little nap. That's normally where. I land a with it as well. Hey the rockies walked off the dodgers yesterday as well. Charlie blackmon chuck nasty with a walk off home run in the bottom of the tenth inning. Thanks to ryan kelly. Thanks angel. padilla. I am tanner went. We will be back at it to morrow where we will have. Chris would editor publisher with biz west and kevin lionel with the fort collins colorado and all of our show up thirteen cave k. Dot com. Don't forget you got the power trip next eleven to twelve in catch angel. Michael peterson twelve to to the whole show two to three pick central and three to five the good afternoon guy with brian gerry. That look for us. We'll we'll talk catching tomorrow. There's been no no now presented by j nine agencies on northern cars voice. Thirteen ten kfi see..

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