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The organization. The Patriots way postseason disappointment. Remember there was that undefeated. So like they weren't very good. They had that undefeated Patriots team that lost to the Giants 2007. I believe that first one That's copy. Only my good friends copy only once described me as one of the most painful moments of his life. And what comes out, and it's a very nuanced piece of work in a very nuanced piece of reporting, But what comes out Is a picture of an organization that certainly had all these guys. Many of these guys who respected the hell out of Bella check But we're in all of Tom Brady it off Tom Brady, Shawn Springs, the defensive back who was a D B. I think shortly after maybe when the trial was there at a great story about when he left Washington he had to choose in the Saints in New England. And when he was training in Arizona, um and had a fight to New England for a free agency visit. Sean Payton was on the flight, and Peyton was trying to talk him into the same talking about the same. Don't need to go. Don't fly to Boston baby come out of the road. I'll get your age on the phone right now makes me like Sean Payton. What a salesman. And, ironically, for Shawn Springs Saints won the Civil that year B to B Peyton Manning, Drew Brees outduel Peyton Manning in that in that Super Bowl. But the key part about this. It's a funny anecdote is Sean Spring, saying, I'm going to read this to you because it reflects the entirety of the story. Quote, but I was going to play with Tom. I knew he was coming off a knee injury, but there's like a 50 50 chance. You're going to go to the Super Bowl playing with Tom Brady, right? And that I think is one of the great Don't even if it's unappreciated, it's just he's so luminary. It is hard to fathom his his greatness at the risk of sounding remarkably blasphemous, and I apologize. Lord for for this is a believing practicing Catholic. But Any of the mysteries of the universe that you really try to comprehend, right that you really try to think through, not reject or accept just immediately. You want to think through you try to think about a belief in and I have one in a higher power in God. That is a mind boggling thing. That whatever you wherever you come down, you know it's hard to get your mind around. If you try to think about the beginning of the universe I did this The other night was my son. Henry was asking all these questions really deep questions. You know where to the Big Bang Come from. Where did God come from? But there's not a God. Where did the first energy where the first It's hard to get your mind around that if you try to think about the depth of the human soul, right and just like what it means to be alive, It's hard to get your mind around that, if like me, you joke because deep down, you're really scared off of parallel universes and alien life. It's hard to get your mind around that and not to be, too over the top. I can't get my brain around Tom Brady and his greatness and his reign and his impact and how one guy attracts random defensive backs and turns them into winners and goes to bruise. I'm gonna complain about the media Arians and makes in this classy near champion. It's amazing. It's blowing my mind. I'm not good at physics, right? I'm into God. But I struggle with theology. I feel like I know Sports, and Brady is scrambling my brain and the brains of these poor dudes Who were there who were in New England who saw the magic who are attracted to it and who weren't quite able to finish the deal. And what's amazing the magical in a normal world. Those guys would've played for a great QB. It didn't work out so well. Who foresaw that Brady was going to reinvent himself and maybe push back in a way that in the end was a deal breaker against Bill Belichick, Stranger away and fashioned for himself a championship legacy beyond what should have happened. I don't think it's unreasonable reading this story and trying to again understand one of the mysteries of the universe. Tom Brady and his accident My belly. That time. Griffin, not Tom Brady fan. The face Andrew Bogus makes when I say nice things about Tom Brady, which is the same face Andrew Bogus makes and I just talked about basically anything. It's a It's a pain face. I share that. Drew. I'm with you. I get it, but his greatness is incredible. Here's what Here's What did he mean? Here's what? Striking me. Right. He went to a bucks team that had forget Super Bowl success in a long time. Haven't had success of any kind in a long time. And you know, he turned, he turned into excellence. Is it possible that maybe there's actually three phases of New England? Phase One is the remarkable early success. The Belichick Brady combination Phase two is Bill Belichick in the game, passing him by a little bit and success get into his head. Ah, little bit the Patriots way grinding people down a little bit, and they're not being success. In Phase three that we didn't understand. Maybe we don't fully get our mind and arms around it. Yet. Phase three is Tom Brady for a big chunk of time taking what should have been a failed New England reality. Curdle Patriots way and making in a winner through his own excellence. While Belichick got the credit year after year after year until he couldn't take it and just decide to go to Tampa Bay. That to me is the big takeaway. Is it Brady or Belichick? I think it depends on the era. I think In the beginning it was Belichick and then Brady. I think in that second era that drought that's a That's ability a problem, And I think that third act we know now Tom Brady is the person who put the Patriots way on his shoulders and maybe carried it to planet to two did not deserve 855 to 1 to four..

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