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Jack Sweeney the freshman at the university of Central Florida is now in a standoff with Elon Musk after creating a Twitter service tracking his private jet It's called Elon Musk's jet And with launched in June 2020 Musk offered the team $5000 to shut down the service but Sweeney turned it down raising the stakes to 50 K or an internship opportunity Now he says he's been blocked by the billionaire on social media In the meantime he's launching a business called ground control to monitor the flight activity of other billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Coming up we're getting closer to a vaccine for all Pfizer requesting the FDA to approve its COVID vaccine for kids under 5 When that could happen what it means next Plus big plans to take on Tesla sources saying the carmaker is accelerating its EV spending by as much as $20 billion More on that scoop later at this hour This is Bloomberg Before and after the pandemic Is it driven by politics or by science There may be how we keep track of our lives from here on out What do you think the political effects of that impatience will be And through it all there's been Bloomberg We begin on Capitol Hill the most accurate business world and healthcare news before and after The fundamentals do not justify this price action Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is.

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