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Darren yet I put him up for the goal hurtling June. But I didn't think he's gonna turn into Judy grade. One winner, I think he's been a massive beneficiary of the ground. I really think that's fair to say. But I also think he's probably improved a bit. Like, I think Patrick Mullen said last year if I can remember the quote that when he faced up against some said, there shouldn't be any horse. She'll be odds-on against charger on referring to psalm crow. So they've always really regarded them highly. I think the fall Leopardstown last year just knocked him for six and he's taken this time to recover from that. He's a definite contender. He's a definite contender underground interest. You we sorta seems love saw four she would like slightly gone under the radar bit. But he's done. Nothing wrong lately. Nossa much not much really. I'm just going back to jail. I think she'd win if he ran I believe they're not gonna run. And that's the problem. We talk about these races being the issue with the Masimov ever, the real the real reason. The problem is that we got so many good horses in two few yards. And they can choose them pick where they go. I mean, apple states should be running in this race. I think she's been the star of the season by Mike. Miles. And I think she'd win if he ran I really do. I think she's that good. I think she's totally different clar horse this year man this year where she was last year. Relevance to to how she's been performing this year. So that's my take on her. I think she run if she wind charger, I think he just needs a beer finessing. I think Patrick writes in really well. I think on good ground. Yes. He travels well jumps. Well, I'd be surprised given their eating of him. You know, there's not a Willie Willie Mullins like campaigning to run him on the flat and round the expected him, then maybe this good. And I wonder whether that I wonder whether he's he's as good as they is as looks because of the way that they campaigning him. It doesn't sort of. It's definitely surprise them haven't. They charge is definitely surprised. Look he's going. Well, stay he's going to if the grounds good you'll have the race run to sue. But I don't know. I'd be slightly surprised if he if he could win a Champion Hurdle myself. Okay. What about Mellon? Would you be surprised if he could go on better than last year? I don't think there was at his best last year. But I do think melon is a player. Yeah. I mean, he's only won three of its fifteen starts or something is not a prolific winner for the twice. He's run at Cheltenham at the festival. He's run blinders. And he was. Beaten far last year backlash really big. He was a big move later on wasn't he and I think you. When did this thing he was definitely very much to the forefront of my of my thinking, but I just wondered whether he could win the race because he just doesn't win races. Does he melanie's? He's he's a very very high class horse but twice. He's come to the festival in twice. Just come up short. Now, run an absolute Blinder last year. But I thought around I think I think I think at this stage, you go take the non runner, no bets if you can because plenty that can happen in nine weeks, whatever till the festival, but I just wondered whether whether I was wasting the wind part of bit on him because he just doesn't win enough races. But I do think on good ground. He is a player. Yes. And what's he quickly? What do you make of melons reappearance in his Trump's this this time around I can put any better than somber interest? Doesn't win off enough of me to get involved in. Class doesn't he got a bit a spark about him you can travel Welby you still go put the race to better the new, you know, that's where it matters at the end charger. Doesn't interest me more. I think he was on the back foot last season after that full of Christmas. And I think that's why we didn't see the best of and the soft ground was well wouldn't suited..

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