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We are bringing back our ten dollars sale on our top ten books. So this is your chance to pick up. Bestsellers like the total money makeover. The graduate survival guide was just got a new redesign and so much more. You can check it all out of the online store at ramsey solutions dot com. But you gotta hurry. Because like i said this thing ends in two days and don't forget we've also got some cash to give away love giving away dave's money on air. That's always fun ramsey. Cash giveaway ends in two days so enter today and tomorrow for your chance to win the three thousand dollar grand prize. That's going to help your baby steps. No purchase necessary must be eighteen or older to win. All you have to do is text. The word cash two three three seven eight nine to enter our giveaway. Now that's cash. Two three three seven eight nine and remember forty eight hours and george forgot to them. My number one vessel. The proximity principle is in that list. I mean my kids need new shoes. George you're right. I mean working hard. You're already selling it at ten dollars. Ten bucks is a good deal. And i think if deal for those people shipping about me. I love free shipping. Don't you do. I can't stand pain for shipping. So get three. Gives them to. A friend Specially kens books especially. Yeah because i got. I got to feed my kids. I got three teenage. He's a big. He's a big dude. I would not take away kit. I now own stock in costco. It's the only because they may also. Yeah yeah four ninety nine rotisserie the whole family boy. That's the truth. All right folks. Let's get to the phones. Triple eight eight to five five. Two two five is the number. Let's go to dallas texas. Ashley joins us there. Actually how can we help. Hi can george hi I'm a travel nurse on baby. Step two I had sixty k. I after looking for a year. I'm i have my first nurse practitioner job lined up to start november making one hundred k. A year with kobe..

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