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I mean you ask such a great question and it's very hard to measure what building those relationships buys you transaction. You know for your agenda but I did invest in in going to meet with the ambassadors. I mean on one level. That wasn't that big a deal. It wasn't like I was going to their countries right. I was going to their missions. I didn't have to leave Manhattan. But it was one hundred ninety one meetings over the course of my time. More than fifty of the ambassadors missions that I visited none of their predecessors or them had ever been visited by an American permanent representative before and so it definitely got their attention. You know that this was a way of showing respect and valuing their individual dignity and that they mattered even if they were from a poor country or a small country or an island country that you go to them and you listen to them and you take them seriously. So on one level they are still individuals vigils within their systems and it's not like meeting with their heads of state but on another level I do think building those relationships showing respect means that they hear your message I I think by and large in a more sympathetic way that they hear the authenticity. Also of your commitment to the issues you care about because you're talking about what matters to you in those again non on transactional settings. I played soccer with the Latin American ambassadors. A definitely tried to draw on those relationships when it came time to tough votes. So what I'd say is on issues. Where a country's position was fixed which was a lot of issues relationships? Just aren't going to be that big of a deal on the question of for example sample. LGBT rights which is very very difficult issue for a lot of countries within the UN because seventy plus countries criminalize being LGBT. But those awesome Bassett may become not necessarily advocates for LGBT rights but they may become people who have a dentist appointment during the vote or they may become people who are capable of taking an option that I give them for how they make the argument to their head of state namely procedural argument will. Why would you take away benefits for same sex couples that the ban Ki Moon? The Secretary General has granted that would be a procedural infringement on Bunker Moons Authority as secretary general so in other words. It's my job to give them an argument that they can use with a leader or in a government that may be homophobic intrinsically but give them up procedural place to go and they may then take that and run with that because they sense that this really is about dignity and equality and they are willing to hear me out that. There's a way needed get there. That doesn't touch on the most sensitive issues in their country. Same on standing up to Russian aggression in Ukraine. You would have thought that that for any any country within the UN would be a no brainer just to vote in the general assembly to preserve Crimea as part of Ukraine on the maps and not to recognize rushes. Che's illegal attempted annexation but a lot of countries just wanted doc you know. They don't WanNa even if they are the ones small countries especially have the most to gain by having the international rules of the road respected. They just don't want to confront a big power like Russia and don't like the thought of being on Putin's bad side who would and yet I felt like I got the most sympathetic hearing could and manage to mobilize I think through these relationships largely more than one hundred votes which ensures that the maps no matter what Putin does on the ground will not change. which again is mainly symbolic on one level? But it means that Ukraine will retain this historical claim for a time where maybe someone like Putin isn't governing Russia. And so that's on those kinds of issues where they have discretion to make the case discretion to show up or not show up but on on issues that cut to the core national interest or national interests as they understand them so. I don't want to exaggerate. Also you can't transform the world because he plays soccer. With the Latin American ambassadors boundaries my things to Samantha Power and Andrew Moolah. You've been listening to a special edition of the globalist it was produced by. Your Lingo Fan edited by Christie Evans. We back at the same time tomorrow. I'm Ben Ryland. Thank you.

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