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The kids in the middle tennessee community digital skishy on the fifth third bank nashville predators radioed our free shares are up comes out toward the slot now all the way to the left point chara just a wrist toward the net deflected wide on the board pressure now right and fraud going beyond our back hair with that somehow or another boy name the stop from center ice spinning around its slipped into the boston zone comes up to the blue line held in greg smith tourist now and the shot and the reason according to craigslist the predators or on the board just a minute twenty six into the game here story krugman leftpoint a shot deflected the left side of riina irwin what's the puck up in the year to the bruin line fed now for smith two two nothing on that warm clear from deepen the nashville zone it will be quite the period for get crazy like smith as he would that two goals for the predators one very early in the period one minute twenty six seconds in and then one with eighteen seconds left in the period predators would be up to now after twenty minutes of play welcome back in the post game show everybody dare mcfarland peterson alongside here in barrel house still a very very good crowley that have some alabama fans pure very happy today i got the good news how lucky was out her i feel bad as we talk about craig smith the wisconsin whatever they didn't take care of business get all i'll say what last year.

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