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Mckinley lead the country into the twentieth century. He was the first president to appear extensively on film and the first president to ride in the automobile at home. American goods were ordered by Cadillac. We're now finding new markets across the globe by the Spring of Nineteen O. One the warned the Philippines was over giving the United States a new doorway into Asian trade also in early nineteen o one. Mckinley began planning a canal to be built in either Nicaragua or Panama. To increase the United States economic enable foothold in the region the twentieth century promise to be appeared of innovation and prosperity but while most advanced and the growing economy many in the working class did not. Some Americans were growing tired of corruption. An unfair trade practices animosity was rising between Americans and the bursting immigrant population. Tensions were rising. It was only a matter of time before the tinderbox exploded. It's September six nineteen to one in Buffalo New York and the city is packed for the Pan American exposition the purpose of the fares to celebrate the spirit of economic friendship. Throughout the Americas. It's a festival of ingenuity and adventure. President Mckinley himself is in attendance. Yesterday was President's Day at the exposition where McKinley gave. What many are calling the best speech of his presidency today? The president is holding a reception in the Temple of Music. Great crowd has gathered for a chance to meet the president but one of the men in charge of security. Is it worried Mr President? I believe this crowd is to grave. We may not be able to keep them at bay. Nonsense I'm sure they will stay orderly. I don't want to deprive them of a chance to meet their president. Mckinley turns and smiles at the crowd begins pressing forward to shake hands with the head of the American Empire in front. A man leads his little girl after the president who offers her tiny hand. Well hello there little one. I hope you're enjoying the fair as they leave. The president's smiles and waves goodbye to the little girl. Next in line comes boyish featured man with bandaged. Right hand. He sheepishly steps forward to the president. A short Italian man pushes past him secret service. Detective Jerry keeps a close eye on the Italian menacing look which Gary regarded with suspicion Italian aggressively. Shake the president's hand. That's quite a grip. You have there sir. Hans like these only come from hard work. And that's what makes this country. Great Italian grips the president's hand so long that detective geary must step forward to break the class. All right. That's enough. Let's move along. Gary guides the Italian pass to allow the next man the one with the innocent face and bandaged hand a chance to meet the president. Young man steps forward. The president smiles noting. The injured right hand reaches out to take the man's left but before their hands meet two gunshots. Strike the president. The first grazing has chest the second in the stomach. The innocent looking young man is self proclaimed. Anarchists Leeann show Gush the bandage on his hand concealed. A revolver. Mckinley sings back into the arms of detective. Geary and my shot kyrie seats. The president back into a chair on buttons his best. He sees nothing but blood. Yes I fear you are Mr President. The man directly behind the assassin is a hulking six foot four black waiter James F. Parker. He quickly knocked the pistol from the Sassoon's grip with a powerful punch. He spins the assassin around like a top third blow breaks the assassins knows. The fourth knocked out several teeth from his chair. The president raises his right hand red with his own blood and cries out but no one heard him on the president's orders yeary and other officers tear the hulking parker away from the assassin. The crowd cries for lynching soldiers and police. Beat them back and cultural. Gosh away the officers asked him why he tried to kill the president. He says it's because he's an anarchist. Was his duty eight days after the shooting. The president was dead of Gangrene Theodore. Roosevelt rose to the highest office in the land but Roosevelt was progressive and the Republican establishment. Feared what that would mean for the Party and the country Mark Hanna exclaimed. Now look at Damn cowboys. President of the United States Roosevelt would spend the next four years attacking big business corruption and the establishment which tried to fight back in the election of nineteen zero four. They would try to buy. Roosevelt's allegiance but the establishment would learn a hard lesson. That damn cow boy was not for sale on the next episode of wicked game in the election of nineteen o four as Theodore Teddy Roosevelt fights to shed the mantle of accidental president and secure his party's nomination the forces of opposition on Wall Street and in the Democratic Party seat to deny teddy another four years in the White House. Don't miss a single week of our march from seventeen eighty nine to twenty twenty hit the subscribe button and your podcast APP now. This show is supported by you. Our listeners please give us a rating. Leave a review but the single best way to help the show grow is to tell others share with your friends and family and find us on social media at wicked game pond. And I'm at Lindsey Graham. Another way to support. This show is to go to wicked game. Podcast DOT COM members. There get early access to add free episodes as well as bonus content only available to members. Find out more at wicked game. Podcast DOT COM and about our reenactments in most case. We can't know exactly what was said but everything in our show is heavily research and based on surviving historical documents. Wicked game is an airship. Production created hosted and executive produced by me. Lindsey Graham Sound Design Derek. Parents Co executive produced by Stephen Walters Association with ritual productions. This episode is written and researched by. Eric are Chila. Fact checking by Greg Jackson and C. L. Salazar from the podcast history. That doesn't suck music by Lindsey Graham distributed by wondering..

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