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Twelve Jon Rahm two hundred today might have seven through twelve and Charles Schwartz on the eleventh old. Also seven-under-par let's go back out on the golf course to Maureen Kevin Kisner getting ready to play his third. Shot from the bunkers short of this screen he. Won't be feeling too good of I he's. Just seen. Gary woodland airmail the green into the other bunker but he makes a better fist of it he's up to four and a half five feet away Capcom meanwhile will have a twenty footer It's almost as if woodland Kisner are wincing slightly against the onslaught of, good shot after good shot from KEPCO and, there is an, enormous cheer ringing Ryan the Gulf course and the, players themselves are? Looking around and saying who's done what Wow well we will, find, out just what that roar. Was four that reverberated around the golf course and we're hearing it came from the par three sixteenth well if, it's a par three Carney and there's a, big roar don't, only means usually means one thing Bill let's go, back to mow Woodland items the bunker on oh my, goodness he's. Going, to come back into the one from which she started and he does and they haven't raked it and. It's very messy in there Oh my goodness so he was in the front bunker into the back bunker, in three he's ni- back in the front bunker in four And the footprints haven't been raped so it remains to be. Seen. What sort of the lie he's gonna, find when he troubles dying there I can tell. You it's not going to be very good Kevin Kisner played out of there as. Well. And I'm a little bit who's responsible for that normally the last two players in there normally again. As you're responsible for your own okay but caddy's tend to help helping particularly since Gary hit it. Over the green, or the other bunker so. Normally Kevin, Kisner caddy would go ahead and so. That Woodland's, can go with them up there and I mean there's a bunch of footprints it's fortunate it's not worse than what it is it's playable but it's an area that is just he's really gonna struggle here and there's nothing he can do got. His hands on, his hips as he. Tries to figure. Out how to hit this bunker shot out of those footprints that were. Not ranked in the meantime let's go to Dennis Out here, at number fifteenth Tiger Woods just played. Away from, the fairway hit a great drive here on the long par four fifteen th and he's put it about twenty maybe twenty two feet right of the whole gist passed whole high so it'll be another look for a birdie for Tiger Woods he's. Currently four under, eight hundred in total All right Matt Wallace par-three, sixteen two hundred and thirty two yards and this one is airborne holding that follow through like he likes it the. Slant on the grand goes to the flagging in hall in. Matt Wallace at sixteen and the crowd explodes He looks up to the. Heavens takes his hat off arms, out stretched like he just scored a touchdown hole in one at sixteen for Matt Wallis and how about that he's two five under. Par net well? As a member of the European PJ tour three. Wins over there his world, rank is seventy five and I guarantee his rank with the fans out here at del rave just. Went up a couple of fist pumps to the crowd how about that for the young man wasn't. There a PGA championship a number, of years ago there was a whole slew a hole in, ones or maybe they'd seen guys. Had him on the I know. David Toms made one at Atlanta. Athletic club, back when he won is this price years maybe it. Wasn't a PJ championship but I just remember I saw a picture in. The paper four guys on the same hole I think they all had holding we'll get our research department area And once we find that And you can. Hear the crowd is Matt Wallace makes the triumphant walk from the tee box at sixteen. To the green and Carney that's not these. Halt on the world's sixteen that's been a tough one all week to, thirty two today and iron which I still. Have a hard time understanding All right let's go back, to mow with the travails of Gary woodland Yes and I really need Macau was in, the front bunker into over the back in three back in the front bunker and four could, only move it to the grass. And five. Pitched a dead and six a single for a triple bogey He has turned. To. Face and watch Brooks KEPCO who has been tearing this golf course apart he's got twenty feet right to left, slightly up the hill he's been waiting patiently for his turn sends the ball on its way, and this one does not drop Just a little. Bit short but he's going to strewn up there and just. Top that one at home he does, so he remains at thirteen under, and currently has a four-shot lead And more cheers for Matt lawless who takes, the ball out of the Cup at sixteen his whole in one throws it to the. Crowd I'm going to save that I would agree with you there How 'bout, that a hole in one at sixteen for Matt, Wallison that gets him to five-under-par meanwhile Gary woodland with just, a horrific hole and I wanna go back to that situation he. Was as most said he was in the left greenside bunker played out went to the opposite bunker on the right. In, the meantime no one got in and. Raked his, footprints from the previous shot his next shot goes back in that bunker and it late among, the. Footprints, couldn't get it, out onto the green eventually he, finally got it in the hole so, again the responsibility there is. Really with Gary woodland in his. Caddy to make sure they get this right yeah because I mean Kevin Kisner was in the bunker, he played after Gary woodland played again it's more of a courtesy ultimately. You're responsible for your, footprints, but what, happened is, because Gary, hit it in the bunker on the opposite side of the green they didn't make it because he wanted his candy to go with them and it's just unfortunate it's you know I mean quite frankly Owens got anybody. Blame his Gary woodland should. Not have first of all. Shouldn't They hit it and the other bunker and then hit it back in that, bunker like the when you tell the doctor it hurts when I do. This and he says, well, don't do, that don't, put it, in the bunker not twice or three times let's go. To Dennis with, tiger Tiger Woods nineteen feet hit this putt. Chester the top of his shadow where his hat, is not much movement in this part tough wonder read my gut tells. Me that it, isn't gonna move baubles a little bit to start now it's moving left lawsuits energy didn't quite get to the front edge, one foot tap-in for tiger he stays eight under, par, headed to the. Par three sixteenth John here at, eleven Rickie Fowler aggressive with. His little wedge this backhoe location And it, was reported with a twelve footer this up nounce back opportunity to get. Back to ten Should. Be moving left to. Right, as Ricky strokes that out to the left through shadow down the hill all didn't hit, it boy just had that, frustrated step forward where you know you've got it on a good lounge didn't give it enough pace He stays one under on the day and.

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