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Condition including a pregnant woman north Korea's his leader Kim Jong un has convened a key ruling party meeting to decide on steps to bolster the country's military capability this comes amid speculation the north could abandon diplomacy with the U. S. and launch either a long range missile or satellite carrying rocket if Washington does accept his demands for new incentives to salvage those nuclear negotiations North Korea is good also to be holding up higher level workers party gathering Central Committee meeting later this month to talk about what had previously described as crucial issues in line with the chain situation home and also abroad after failing to achieve its main goal of docking with the international space station Boeing's new capsule designed to carry people into orbit has ended its first unmanned test flight by making a perfect return to earth with the beautiful predawn landing in New Mexico starliner descending under three good main shoots all six airbags have deployed and they are fully inflated and starliner touches down in the desert in New Mexico unlike SpaceX's competing crew dragon capsules which can only land in the ocean star liners are designed come down either on land or water and in fact the ground landing is the preferred option castle couldnt dock with the space age because of a glitch in its on board clock of on the putting it into the wrong orbit so Boeing engineers not gonna be trying to pin down the source of that problem the California sort of wants to spread tons of crushed green volcanic rock on the stage beaches as a way to fight the effects of climate change the rock is not love I it's all a vain man it looks a little like jade project Vester founder Eric Baxter says it's super powers that can absorb carbon from carbon dioxide in both air and water we need to remove some of those gases or we're going to be taking the earth and causing irreparable harm through increased temperatures not just higher temperatures carbon increases the acidity of ocean water and federal surveys show California's coastal ocean water is becoming more acidic and rate doubled the worldwide average project best is hoping that test crushed all of the in on some tropical beaches next year that a P. genie is saying that he expects widespread knowledge is to continue for sometime to prevent the risk of deadly wildfires bill Johnson testified for the Senate energy committee for us in northern California it will take us probably five years to get to the point where we can largely eliminate this tool there are number of things we can do to narrow the scope of the duration we have better predictive capability better technology the utilities come under fierce criticism for its use of public safety power shut off Johnson also testified that putting lines on the grounds only a partial solution to fire danger because that can't be done in most areas renewable energy got left out in the cold after Congress scrambled to finish a budget to fund the government through twenty twenty it's a squandered opportunity the solar industry was hit hard hoping to keep up incentives that since two thousand five have offered a thirty percent incentive on solar installations no go those dropped to twenty six percent next year and will be phased out entirely by twenty twenty two for residential customers Gregory what stone is with the American council on renewable energy he says one sector did get a bit of a boost we did get a one year extension add a sixty percent value discounted value for the wind energy tax credit helpful but he says it doesn't go far enough solar battery makers didn't do much better they wanted incentives for.

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