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It changes. Oh, by the way, I've freak out for you Gwen now, I remember why Diana Rigg did not win those Emmys why she kept losing Dame Maggie Smith. Downton abbey. I love. Real Maggie Smith beating all those years. I loved a Maggie side. Yeah. So that's one for your team there. You're now be one. Well, I loved, and I assume there this year. So maybe she'll win this year. Still show. Yes, yes. She got murdered. Well, she doesn't want to do. UB safe driving home, Jamie. You have a great week. I'm going let it will meet at Markham's nursery next week's they tend this week and find out exactly where we are. Because we would love for you to come see us and remember Jamie, always gives one of his bouquets to admire. That's right. Yes. So thank you. All you're listening to one thousand. K. T. O K, stay weather aware at sixty one degrees in Oklahoma City. Radio one thousand Katie. Okay. AM and K X x Y FM ninety six point one HD, two blow. Eighty four democratic candidates.

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