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And so when you're married to somebody and they're the narrative that way it's really hard on the secular person kind of dealing with the narrative of their believing spouse but it's also really hard for believing spouse because the secular person now represents an existential threat and so it was that was the process of becoming as you put it post christian was also a process or was it literally just waking up one morning i come done now like i said like thirty year process but i know but the moment you had the realization where the still some hang up some things you the moment i had to realization ultimate wasn't a moment is like inspires like us the guy guys like with the very end but the very very it was sudden well the very babies dying for years but the very very yeah yeah very end that should matters the very end wasn't deciding believe in god the very end was realizing that i didn't want to spend the rest of my life pretending that i did but you know you know like my there was nothing laughed for a long time but i didn't do the math to connect that with the rest of my life and the stuff i was doing like and so the bike crash was this thing where i was like oh you're going to die really soon what do you want to do with the rest of your life and and what should you do with the rest of your life and i became i became really convinced that what i needed to do was to try to create communities and an opportunity for people to have all those wonderful things that they get out of being jewish or they get out of being event gel christian to feel like you're part of a tribe a bunch of people that are committed to making the world a better place together that you have some rituals that you get together they help each other raise each other's kids all those things like like people who leave religious communities oftentimes fund himselves alone in a very very kind of cold world and they can't find the other people that want to pursue goodness in a secular way so you don't feel any resentment towards people who still are believers.

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