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Olisa violet dated phase banks and Jake. Paul Oh yes he dated before as banks and then she dated face banks and fees banks meat video with Elissa violet going after Jake Paul. Like saying he's just respectable Blah Blah Blah Blah fought before we get into it even more. Can you explain who phase banks even as for these banks is also youtuber. And he's like a Gamer type youtuber. Yeah thank and there's a hole in the gaming world he's the whole group of them's called face. Now he's phase banks. His real name is ricky. Yeah I like to refer to him as ricky from going forward Elissa Violet. Ah Very also popular youtube. Yes is like an wasn't team. Ten wasn't team former team. Ten Ben she was in the cloud house which is like a rival team team. Ten now she lives with Shantelle Jeffries. Woolsey Cindy Cindy Kimberley today and One of the most most are they live. They all live together and they call it the girls room. Yeah I mean that's just like which is a blast is a bunch of beautiful women in one house. They're all stunning stunning. Seems like a lot of fun. They're living the life and L. A.. There have millions of followers millions of Friday's seriously riches from Youtube. It's going great for her now but it was not going great for her. When she broke up with Ricky Aka phase banks? Somebody tweeted last night. How did you find out you were being cheated on? She quoted I was asleep upstairs with their dogs and he wasn't next me so I checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl. Yeah then phase banks tweeted. I love you and Laviolette was having none of that because because she responded with text messages from him saying because he was like listen. I love you and then she said I love you. Did you love me when you were hooking up with a random horrid our home. Did you love me when you snap out of background. Vegas come fuck you when I was at dinner with you. He wrote Dude. What the Fuck Tuck is this? I always kept my promises she wrote. Did you love me when I was in Orlando for my cousin's wedding and hooked up with a girl on our bed. There's more guys there's more because asking for five months to help out with our dogs but you told me to ship them to my parents and our Hawaii in a whole lot Ohio because it was too much for you. Sorry there's so many but it's like out of order. Oh I think she deleted some. Did you love me when you texted that girl that you were on your way to hotel room at six. Am to get weird while I was sleeping next to you. Did you love me when you said Ed you were at highlight room. But I had your location. You're at a random apartment complex for two hours it so it goes on and then phase them any of them. Sorry but they're all out of order. Didn't move yeah whatever's going on but she so then he posted a whole hour. Wait sorry I found the rest of them okay. Did you love me when you broke into. My phone's did you love me when you smash in. The back of shod tells window of her car that she gave me. Did you love me when you fuck all the girls. I was worried about while we were dating. After the break-up okay that was that was okay. And then banks went and posted like screen shots of some notes on On twitter of his statement where basically it was also very long. I'm not GonNa read the whole thing of him. He started with like. Oh if I could list like all the things that Alissa did wrong but I'm not GonNa do that. Because we both messed up and really tried to glaze glaze over everything and just and just make it seem like they bolted things that are messed up that he thought they were like now in. Okay Place. 'cause they they broke up in July so he was saying like this happened a year ago and they broke up in July. And now it's all coming out now and that you know he'll he'll always love her always have have love for her. And it was corneas. Hell Kinda see. This is why I believe all of those things. laviolette wrote because first of all how do you make up all those. It's too much energy second because a lot of detail I feel like and maybe she did do some bad things to him. And maybe obviously there's two sides I restoring but I almost feel like if somebody mighty pissed you off to the point where they just blew up your spot that much and then they did harvey months later I would go. I would be like you did this this and this to me. It seems like he's he's guilty because he's not saying what she did and she just saying you know I love her like you know. We're moving on from this. Because he's clearly guilty. Yeah he clearly did those things right and he says like it's not as simple as who's right and who's wrong. We were having issues and I did something really stupid and hurtful like so he did fuck somebody in the house. No I know he he he I sure was cheating on her clearly. I just like the whole all things just insane and it's also one of those things where anytime you're like. Oh look I can name all the bad things that you did. But I'm not going to like right like brats because you're wrong and now you're trying to seem right not naming the things but it seemed like now Jake Paul Jumps in Jade's this is what I never got to say these days December thirteenth. So obviously this is. Here's a song coming out. Is A song see sing. Does He. Rap J. Paul had a few songs in his stay play fucked Jake. Paul Noah on Youtube. Have you never heard this song now. I definitely have but I didn't know this was like still something he was doing. And and but not only did he tweet that he tweeted it with a picture of.

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