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He is of what they can do in those who resist and those who resist will probably have less career options in the future than those who helped the organization and help the industry evolve and you know you always people always confused darwinism as the strong survive in it's actually incorrect as those who could best adapt in evolve for the second podcast guest this year i talk about that well i think it's mindful for us because we have worked for the first one was a comedian rory own rounds good we worked for a big strong company you know the largest employer private employer in new york city but we have to constantly change what we do and i i think our companies and a great job i think we stand head and shoulders above most of our peers i want to ask you about evolution but first we have to pay our bills or business bottled walls advertising so we're gonna hear from a fund sponsor right now today show is brought to you by hello fresh hellofresh is a meal kit delivery service that shops plans and delivers your favorite step by step recipes pre measured ingredients so you could just cook beef and enjoy i'm going to make some tonight at pork chops waiting trump sankt about this hello fresh offers a wide variety of shefa curated recipes the change weekly you could use were classic plan a bet you plan a family planets have at my house right now it you the day you want your meals delivered whenever works best for your busy schedule this is important because some of these milk delivery guys are not good about flexibility trust me all the ingredients come pre measured in handy kits the you know which ingredients go with which recipe sometimes when you hear people talk about piecemeal kits duck let them is that the good for people who don't know how to cook the get you into cooking i'm sure that's true i know how to cook i'm good at it make it lasagna last week i still like these milk has a stoic hellofresh because they prompt me to cook instead of getting crummy take out maybe not so good delivery maybe pizza.

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