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Information there and I know this asked his Anthony has about a, dozen, patents to add Lookie. Here I see there's a patent for promoting health reducing fatigue there's a patent for inhibiting the expression. Of cytokines and cells. And a. Patent get this on composition for body fat reduction there's one for improving muscle atrophy and older. Adults Sherry I like to be a little bit, of a skeptic here, how, can this, one simple, nutrient magically, do all, of this how can this. Asked to FX gives us. So many benefits I mean really yeah I know it sounds amazing, too good to be true but it really is, true many of the studies that I'm referencing here they're available on PubMed these are reputable clinical studies conducted by leading researchers around the, world that really back the benefits of zanthoens by the way muscle output is better with us. This Anthony, to and this comes from. The research published in the international journal sports nutrition. November two, thousand eleven, this, was another study done with Cyclists they took four milligrams Anthon it was a small study but very. Positive. Showing that cyclist improved their trial time by, two minutes. In a twenty kilometer bike race I mean that's a meaningful improvement in a race like this and the researcher said that. They also burn fat more efficiently which makes sense, based. On this research purity can actually make the claim that asked. The FX will promote and improve power output in your muscles? I mean I tell people asked to affects in strengthen power. It's transformative, if? You. Like energy and this was sound and other studies to, like one look at grip. Strangle so much great information just tuning in we're talking with pharmacists. And author Sherry Turco's here I'm your host Mark Larson on this handgrips study that you mentioned I understand there this involved, what a twelve milligram dose and they saw ninety. Three percent boost enhanced strength and people who struggled with well at, tennis, elbow now that's a. Big deal but our listeners by Saying well, okay. Maybe I don't, play tennis what about me what does it mean for me right right so, so think. About this a ninety three. Percent increase in a person, who has some repetitive stress in their although it's an almost doubling enhanced strength so just think about all. The things, that you do in your daily life picking up. Groceries your kids your grandkids gripping the steering wheel of a, car playing golf for tennis gardening or riding a bike a doubling of grip strength makes a big difference I mean when you take after Fanton. You get, stronger you feel stronger you have more energy endurance. If you play sports you play, stronger so to me it's really quite extraordinary rate information to that Sherry I want to share a couple more testimony. That caught my attention out of the so. Many right there on the. Purity website again these are unsolicited these from. Real people here's one from, Rick is a male aged, fifty five to sixty four lives in Naples Florida he writes this what a great product asked affects. Has, been for me after. Starting taking asked affects My workout and strength is increased as if I were in my, twenty, s, again and I've only been. On asked affects? For two months now can't wait? To, see. The long term effect I, look forward, to taking to affects every morning for my afternoon workouts I'll be taking, this product for a long time here's. DDC's a female age forty five to fifty four she lives in laurel park, North Carolina she, writes this, quote I've, been using asked the FX for a, month now I can see, the difference in my, energy level I now have more energy feel better. Since taking, this product I can actually see a difference, in my skin. As well I'm a smoker. Who has smoking lines, around my mouth. But the lines, have diminished about fifty percent overall I am, so. Thrilled with my energy level I love this product just a couple of samples from the real people who have responded on Purity's. Website, and cherry I'm looking at the list. Of patents again on this asked Anthony compound this, is where the science research backs up, over. Talking about this, is just flat out amazing and a lot of people out there are going to Think what I'm going to say here. Sounds a little bit odd but you said before the show this supplement may even help people drive a car better or use the computer more comfortably Come on how does this happen it does sound funny but asked FX may. Actually help in these areas, too and here's why one of the interesting things about asked present then is that. It's a relative of vitamin a. and we know that vitamin as good fries good for vision asked. Us, Anthony has, to ask the Santa's actually been shown to fight oxidation in IT issue scientists did a. Study where they found a forty six percent improvement in a measurement called depth perception now depth perception that's her ability to determine distances between objects. Are basically to see three dimensions and researchers they studied a handball team specifically looking at. How quickly they could change focus and guess what the handball team that was supplementing with ASTA, Anthon they were able to, improve their accuracy and. Improve their performance in the depth perception test other research has also, shown that asked his aunt and helps reduce IFA Teague and you know when you're on a computer that's a big deal Everyone's on. Computers these days and prolonged? Periods, of time and and. It's hard on her eyes and we, know that. If you're driving a? Car and it's late at night and your reaction time is slow that's not. Good after that that actually helps the ice focus and refocus Dr heck PHD one of the leading researchers at Asterio says that the product actually helps your. Eyes be more resilient you, see better with it your eyes are healthier I mean who doesn't love those benefits. Again we're talking with pharmacists and health author Sherry tacos about our free bottle offer for products talking. About, asked to, FX so much ground to cover Sherry I want to get back to the skin benefits. In this issue of wrinkle reduction and not I repeat not as a cream or as a lotion but as a capsule you take it orally. This patent also covers this you say this ingredient is proven to reduce wrinkles and not. Just by a little we're talking a dramatic amount what's going on with this. Yeah I know, it's fascinating a huge benefit, people wanna look younger I know I do and, I've noticed significant benefits as. I started taking it but it's a science here. That really. Shines the whole concept of taking oral supplements to improve skin health relatively new concept here North America. But in Japan this is. Mainstream asked us Anthony. Has already, one of if not the. Most, successful ingredients in a new class of. Products called cosmic suitable or supplements that you take orally to, enhance the cosmetic appearance of your skin so, listen. To this in one study they gave four milligrams of Bastos Anthon which by the way is. The actual amount you get impurities defects and the skin, benefits for dramatic within six weeks every single, person in the treatment group..

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