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Fantastic team wonderful to watch the guinness davor get to the guinness to the football terrific loss to the two men rickie joan best aged fifty three a military veteran until ace in may the namco mesh just twenty three who lost their lives who were murdered on the portland commute trey both men unbelievable heroes may you wonder what you willing to do with your life with your actions and a raise mcguinness today memory with tillerson's loss words tell everyone on this trade i love them on brave brave men to lawyer raj okay to the football raj first off the fa cup final arsenal to chelsea one awesome beggars men jumped out to an early lead very controversial alexis sanchez goal even off the victim ose's was sent off in the sixty eight th minute was his best moment of the game actually jealousy found a way back into the game the snarling striker diego costa but just three minutes off two diego's go with a game tied at one aaron ramsey put ob as his at celebrity rags around the world on notice heading in the winner and capping off a cracking game of football association football roach yes yes in the clash the team that regenerated seemingly in the course of one season returning to dominance by doing what changing their manager facing it save who've seemingly lost their way in the woods since two thousand four while stubbornly holding onto their is awesome venga who spend the pregame sounding more and more like an author mila character i believe there is a difference between being criticized being cheated in a way that human beings don't deserve to be treated i will never forget that which is essentially a woman named back isao season willie lohman g truly on the stoop ian apocalyptic for to talked about quote the grim future that lay ahead when he said maybe we'll have a robot on the bench who make the decisions and the computer will analyse exactly what decisions he makes you in the game you might not even have human beings on the bed anymore is consistent dot sanger's was a bad thing at i i thought i say this is counties idea dave bropher to computers and robot you're listening will rally you're going to become awards thank you why no enfopol james miller already the world's first unit protocol droid in.

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