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Today only deals track fields governing bodies named an australian as head of integrity to oversee cases of doping bribery and corruption the i a says brent clothier will join is independent athletics integrity unit from the australian football league where he investigated a doping case that rocked the sport 34 as an and players were banned for using performanceenhancing substances after the world doping agency took the case to the court of arbitration for sport the i a athens clothier is workable also include monitoring betting the manipulation of competition resolve age manipulation and misconduct run transfers of allegiance though cosby's accuser has finished her testimony at the comedian sexual assault trial as ap entertainment editor asking wells gabriel reports the bulk of wednesday's session was taken up by defence crossexamination she may have been here they're just a little but andrew a constand did not break under any stretch of the imagination the former temple university employee went through hours of tedious cross examination sticking by the crux of her story that bill cosby drugged and molested her after she had rebuffed his advances on two previous occasions there were no major stumbles constant seeing calm and composed even as cosby attorney angela grossest questioning grew even more pointed an accusatory a moscow's gabriel the alton culture of europe's roma will be on display in berlin european roma institute taunts and culture is to open premises in the german capital this full europe's home to some twelve million roma minority that has suffered centuries of discrimination backers hope the project will help tackle prejudice the centre was launched thursday at germany's foreign ministry we supporters including the council of europe and george soros is open society foundations the chief of the council of europe said the idea is focusing on what roma culture can contribute to open the eyes of people across europe another aim is empowering the room the people itself to make it proud of its own history and culture and is your first fish father's day the day to see thanks to the most imortant guy in the world this year get him what he really wants at cabello's.

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