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This area location tropical smoothie cafe he'd better feel better. time to wake up everybody come to Memphis morning news on the missiles only home for news weather and traffic six hundred W. R. E. C.. we've got sunshine a high in the low nineties then for tonight clear skies a low in the low seventies Saturday sunny skies high in the upper eighties then on Sunday mostly sunny skies back to the low nineties sunny seventy degrees Memphis morning news time seven oh six I'm tempted horn six hundred W. R. E. C. ninety two point one FM the I heart radio and thanks for joining us it is game day he. here at the radio station as tomorrow your university of Memphis Tigers. take on southern Jaguars kick off is at eleven are pregame cranks up at nine o'clock right here on the radio station Jeff right well Matt Dillon have your pre game Dave lotion Jarvis Greer and and company will have your complaint game coverage. starting at eleven o'clock we don't get the pre game starts at nine and I've got coming up seven thirty five Jeff bright well joins us this morning on the show too as he will kind of give us a few highlights and things to watch for for tomorrow's football game some of the top stories by the way remember Curtis ray wants and he was the one that broke on the West Tennessee penitentiary while he was still on that campus he broke and assaulted and killed a woman that worked there and then escaped on tractor and he was found for five days later well the people that helped capture him you know the TV I had a big reward out the TB IRA I had so far has rewarded about thirty two thousand dollars to people that have.

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