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In the lobby of Ramsey solutions ride on the three stages fell and the gale our weather's welcome guys how are you I don't want to have you guys were the live along the Missouri also welcome to Nashville and all the way here to do a debt free screen yes Sir cool and how much have you paid off hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars seventy cents I love it along with the state two years eleven months okay good and your range of income during that time I would say to fifty four thousand now on we're at about one fifty wow thank you John yep okay Cody all do for a living I help out with middle I'm sorry middle school administration my official title is homeschool communicator okay and Gail I work for a hospital patient accounting department great okay we had a sizeable jump in income in the last three years we got married well okay all right what kind of that was the hundred forty thousand I would say primarily student loans and taxes how about the taxes okay who's who had the most right here okay all right go all right did you guys got after this I mean that's amazing that you paid how long did you get married two years eleven months ago at two years she's a lot two years and two months actually okay so you started right before you got married then yes finish it up after well it kind of goes back a little further actually when I'm not sell if we had not on Christian mingle and one of those profiles was that you had to be in a place that you wanted to be emotionally physically financially spiritually healthy moving towards that okay Dave Ramsey was all across the profile oh my gosh okay I had not heard much about you I've had a few people from work mention you and so when I'm not well I was kind of a place where I was a single mom I own a home that really was too much house for me and so I was at a place that I needed to get out from underneath that house and so thought walked along beside me and helped that happened so he gets paid off before me about seventy five thousand dollars close to business and so I trusted him to help me walk through the process so that's really how we met that's fine as very cool well look at you guys all grown up hard of that original that that we in addition of that in addition to that so I was down three before we officially got married yeah fun very cool so what do you tell people the secret to getting out of that if you had a fabulous experience here for me I I I I I start off by saying in is temporary read this one year read this ten years is temporary you have to be willing to take a step down to take a step up in terms of Christ I feel as though if we do our part Chrysler do his part and two more things you have to be willing to retrain yourself in terms of how to manage money and the last thing he is listening to the show was a big part of it and what I mean by that is it was it was like free therapy to meet every morning first thing in the morning I would either listen to the Dave Ramsey show or I will listen to a a terse arm so that that that's what motivated me and they offered for you for me it was making sure that everything that we did was strategic we thought long term not just short term solutions so everything from whenever we were dating and we knew that we were getting married I stopped taking PTO time at work because I knew I'd be paid out to be able to use that money whenever we got married every single stop other iced step down into an apartment on purpose I kind of got a town house had more space but it was every single thing that added to us being able to get her quicker seven five thousand cuts definitely definitely do it all at once temporarily that we move forward for future and Dave I can mention a few more things arm for me and I I some kind of emotional when I say this after a while Gail through the process I actually went home and I picked up a total of five job the one full time and for part time job while yeah so I was working probably a hundred and four hours per week over the side jobs mentoring intramurals you name it I did it okay helping people move you name it I I did it all okay but the other thing after walking guilt through the process I went home and within six months I sold all of my furniture except for my bedroom set and I actually movie in which to college students so for two years I live what college do goodness yeah yeah so at the age of forty five I was living with twenty five year olds yeah you wanted out bad yes Sir there's no I mean you went all the way wow that's crazy I love it that's amazing good for you now that you're there you went through all of this to get there was it worth it absolutely yes Sir absolutely how's it feel great amazing race I tell people all the time and I don't say this to brag basically all we do now is put checks in the bay yeah because outside of our normal expenses I mean we don't have any debt I mean we don't have anything to spend the money on so seven per house yes I that when you undergo that's right so you're actually have your control of your money it's your money absolutely yeah well done you guys so well done very proud of you who are your biggest cheerleaders for me once I move to Columbia at J. and Stacy Bryant one they were huge part of my life to work for the pharmacy that I I came to Columbia and worked at any chance but I had to do overtime they're allowing me to do it anything that I could do and then as well as in our form church family for me I would have to say Christ my beautiful wife right here I have to tell the world I mean she's definitely a proverbs thirty first one and I would have to say my good friend Todd Robinson my principal on Bernard sodomy good friend George Clarke and also Cathy Robison very cool yes our good job you guys very well done very well done we got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you every day millionaires that is your next chapter in your story you're on your way become continued live like no one else so later you can live and get it over like no one else put yourself in a position to do that very proud of you great job you too thank you thanks they all and Gail Columbia Missouri a hundred and forty thousand dollars paid off in two years eleven months making fifty four to one fifty tell it down let's hear a debt free screen three two one thank you Jesus we're.

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Ramsey discussed on Dave Ramsey

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