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The lay i think in particular amazing in her fables are very good too but she didn't leave behind much trays in the historical record. So they say that she could have been an abyss of perhaps barking. They say that she could have been illinois. Rebecca tens daughter from her first marriage to the sets Bay say that she could have been a bastard daughter of some nobility or royalty she had to have been noble at least because she was literate and that was a time in which women were just not taught to read and write unless they are expected to take over the management of greets estates. So yes we don't know much about her. We do know that she was literate in multiple languages until the work. The work is something of course that that exists. So tell us something about you. Mentioned the lays the purchase that she writes retailing's of sops fables and our own fables as. Well tell us something about the work. Oh my goodness so. I fell in love with a lay back in University i for a while. I thought he wanted to be a medieval so steadied on phone. And i just love me. And i love her there. Such weird stories the basically short stories in poetry and they draw on very incheon stories from brittany and normandy. I believe and they a lot of them are three and some of them are They talk about courtly love. And they're weird right like there are a lot of magical things that happen in them. April while actually was trying to do a new translation. Honest like maria. I'm devan ahead. Leads new beowulf where you take the old tax and he sort of electrify it with a contemporary world. And it didn't work out so instead at a novel you mentioned. Eleanor evacuation is a character in the novel. Of course this is in the main and novel about an abbey about nuns about cloistered existence. So consequently we actually get that much. Political historical context about this time is eleven twelve th century which is a time that relatively unknown to us to contemporary is so despite the fact that you you talk about the book i'm going to ask you to the set into the context of where we are in time if he come. Oh absolutely so. I did try to do the contemporary time of meritas world kind of gently but it does come in and out in sort of a half line and sort of the larger pressures there so of course at the time. This was a generation past the norman. Conquest and eleanor backwards. Then she was. I the queen of france early in her life. She was born at eleven twenty two and then she got that annulled and she crossed and cheek married henry. The second who was empress matilda's air and he became king of england right. So this is the time of the crusades and eleanor and Both of our husbands actually were involved in the second crusade which is between eleven forty seven eleven fifty and the pressures at the time. Were kind of extraordinary right. Like pressures of catholic europe pushing down into the holy land to try to gain jerusalem. The jerusalem is lost multiple times. And then they tried to conquer it again. This set the basically the prototype for the next thousand years of imperialism from european sources into the rest of the world and that was something that i wanted to look at a little bit. More deeply to dec- these deeper mri. The way that perhaps we can trace the way that the world is now back through time and into this this moment that i think most contemporary people don't know a great deal about while thing. This contemporary person didn't know anything about a toll. Marie you'll marie. Who will talk about in a moment have family. She has all of these warrior on and they have taken paul and indeed..

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