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In the cake. Okay. New Center, and this is Oklahoma's first news. It'll feel seasonably hot today are forecast is coming up today's general election primary runoff Voting day in most counties across the state state election Board Secretary Paul Xerox tells okays Glenn Falkner Lippard that voters shouldn't let the pandemic keep them from voting We've purchased PP for all poll workers to keep them safe. We have and sanitizer. Poll workers and voters So we're doing our very best to make sure that that poll workers and voters are safe. Polls are open until seven tonight. GENERAL election is November 3rd. The Republican National Convention continues tonight with more speeches from members of the Trump family. Evan Brown report speakers at today's session of the Republican National Convention and food Much of the president's family. His son, Eric, and his daughter, Tiffany, will speak As will first lady Melania Trump expected to be the night's keynote address. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo makes remarks from Jerusalem as he is in the midst of his Mideast tour. Also speaking our former Florida attorney general, Pam Bondi, who served as a defender of the president's during impeachment. And Nick Sandman young man whose face and name were plastered in the media accused of confronting in Native American While later footage of the old Sandman was being accosted State House Democrats urging the state Board of Education to change covert 19 school recommendations to requirements The board meets on Thursday. State representative Melissa Provenzano says schools have started to reopen with mixed results and mixed responses. State representative Jacob.

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