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To do our best to counter the message of hate by teaching young people to be tolerant and fair. It is obvious. The tongue in cheek humor is lost on many, especially the ones dealing death threats. Please take a moment and read the entire text will make an ally of you yet. We are proud of who we are. We are proud of what we say. Okay. Key sentence. There is Message to you from the gay community will continue to do our best to counter the message of hate by teaching young people to be tolerant, unfair. So, basically, what you're saying is that the song is not actually a parody while you're actually suggesting is that While the song is done in the mode of parody. The underlying message, which is that we wish to teach your Children are values. That part is correct. Right? We are making your kids more tolerant and fair by teaching them what we want to teach them in schools. Now, you as a parent may object to this use a parent may say, Listen, I wish to teach my kids traditional sexual values and mores. I don't want my can forget any of that. I don't want my kids like K through six. I don't I don't believe that It's appropriate for kids who are five years old, too. Have to be taught. About a wide variety of gender fluidity and sexual orientation questions. It's confusing. It opposes natural law in in these sort of traditional Moralistic sense, but also in the logical sense. The negotiated the notion of general fluidity, opposes biology itself. Like I don't think that any of this is appropriate to be taught to Children. They forgot regardless of political view, and she's not appropriate. Forget The idea here is that we are going to change the next generation. Right? This is why, For example, there's an entire article recently in Indiewire. I think talking about how Children's animated shows were now being stacked. With radical LGBTQ propaganda content. Bisexual characters in Children's animated shows gender fluid characters, transgender characters in shows made for five and six years old by five and six year old. So the left has a very different vision of what America The radical left is very different vision of what America ought to be, and the way that they are going to achieve. This is by changing how your kids are taught. If you push back on them, and this, of course, makes you the true threat to the kids. This makes you this again. You want to separate the country? This is the easiest way of separating the country because, as I say, I'm not educate my kids help. I want to educate my kids and frankly, I am not interested. In what the San Francisco Gay men's choir things My kids should learn. I I don't really care. They're not. The parents are my kids. They don't know my kid's name. And they don't want the best for my kids. I want what's best markets. And I get to decide that's on the parent. The same thing holds true for it. Randi Weingarten, the American Federation of Teachers, it holds true for the National Education Association. It holds true for Joe Biden. It holds true for all these members of government. I get to decide. How I want to teach my kids when I would like to teach my kids, as it turns out, is a traditional sexual morality and traditional individual rights view of how the government should work with regard to race and sex. That's what I'd like to teach my kids. If you got a problem with that, frankly you can stick it. So here's the thing. A lot of this agenda is deeply unpopular and folks on the left. No, it's deeply unpopular. And so they are left with basically one club left. They're left with one club and that club that they've been using, and they're using it over and over these days in January, 6th They're relying more and more heavily on it. Look at how many times Democrats mentioned January 6th. It's day in and day out all the time, so just quick final about when it comes to the indoctrination. Of the kids again. There's there's no bones being made about this. The N E. A. The single largest teachers union, the country recently passed a resolution pledging to share and publicize information available on critical race theory, Welcome well, claiming that they're not teaching critical race theory. They Openly say that they want to provide an already created in depth study critiques, Empire white supremacy, anti blackness, anti injured indigenous city racism, patriarchy says hetero patriarchy, capitalism, embolism, anthropoid, centrism and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society. Okay, I thought when, when I say that they are coming to indoctrinate your kids. It is because they believe quite correctly that how kids are educated when they are young makes a difference in how they grow up in what values they hold and so they are attempting. The radical left is to grab controls of your kids education and then never to see them to you again. Now there's some people on the right who seem to believe that the way that you fight this is quote unquote competition in the marketplace of ideas. When you're talking about public schools, where the curricula are established by the N E, A. And the F T in coordination with state legislators, this is not an option. Zero sum game. Somebody is going to decide the standards. Is it going to be you? Or is it going to be a bunch of radical left theorists who have decided that your kids are going to be tools in their attempts to evolve society toward the views they like? It was really interesting I mentioned before there's an article in The New York Times. In which they suggested and when I say they I mean a variety of authors, including a bunch of authors that that I generally like suggested that it's un American for state legislatures to try and ban critical race theory. They argue in the article that the educational mission is to help student turns students into well informed and discerning citizens. And they say that this is undermined by restrictions banning the teaching of critical race theory. So first of all that ignores the critical race theory is it is an activist. Ideology. Openly critical race theory says what it is the same thing is true with regard to teaching LGBTQ plus ideology in schools. It is an activist ideology directed at changing traditional morazan standards. That's what it is. People don't make any bones about this. Second of all when we say that education is designed to help turn students into well informed and discerning citizens, the word citizen doesn't just mean people. Citizens has an actual definition. The Aristotelian definition of a good citizen is a person who uphold the constitution of his particular policy, meaning political Body. If you teach your kids to be bad citizens in the Aristotelian sense, bucking against all of the systems, bucking against all of the traditions and values of the systems. You're not teaching. You're gonna be a good citizen. You're teaching to be a bad citizen and you end up as a country with no future. So again, I think that most Americans are beginning to wake up to this and the left is beginning to realize it and they're running a little bit scared because of it. And so you're suddenly seeing this upswell of articles from The New York Times, It really is amazing, in which they are openly defending the indoctrination of students into radical creeds. There's an article in The New York Times. Titled A Private school Sex Educator, defends her method after nine years adult Why was Justine a infant suddenly being pilloried by parents? The articles by Valeria Safronnikova QUOTE. Sex Education is a sensitive subject during nine years at the prestigious Dalton School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, seven of which she spends as the director of health and wellness, Justine and Bond seems to be handling it with success. She developed curriculums for students from kindergarten through 12th Grade, hired three other health educators and organized documentary viewings, discussions and workshops for parents. She was also a regular speaker and educational forums like the National Association of Independent Schools, People of Color Conference and offered workshops and presentations and other New York City schools. One of these was Columbia grammar and prep school on the Upper West Side, which in May invited her to teach to zoom sessions. I'm pornography, literacy and consent to its juniors and seniors..

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