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Monkey do type attitude of of the way we've always surge afghanistan. Everyone around gas at sending more people into a gas has a horrible idea. Nobody loses resurged. What we should have done is just the the airfields opened the. We had a really great feeling. We have what. I'm now jalalabad which turned into a really nice place. And then there's even keep one in kabul the embassy but you don't need marines soldiers driving around stereo people because whether land whether i liked it the longer you stay in a place you're going to be seen as an occupier and that's this what was going to happen. We know what we need to keep those jalalabad airfield type places quarter intelligence border operations like bin laden or even when they will do a lot more. We just didn't bomb now because we were. We were very very tough week nation. We won't do it. Needs to be done like a if you're not the russian embassy in the chinese embassy. They didn't close in kabul Right now you know why because even taliban realizes you missile china chile. We're not like that. But maybe we'll we might. I'll give you a scolding make seminar on and tell you which bathroom you're you're you know a lot more about this than i do. But i have a a military question for you. If you're planning to withdraw to leave a place. Does it make sense to level people and all your stuff there or would you. Would you advise taking that with you. Know i think you'd say with you and you don't need to draw down this bats initially. Don't get a timeline. Jalle now is is noted no the even the puppet government that we put in place a didn't need known relieve. Yeah you bring with you. Because you're enabling the enemy giving them giving them on the stock into. I mean it's not that we make stuff so difficult it's almost laughable. It's solution to any general's list. Here's a solution right now. Eight thousand marines. Give him little drive through the streets of kabul chill everyone who's outside and then when people go inside don't kill them at grabbed the americans turn around. One of the campaigns should have and lee. He'd been simple. this is not difficult. But then these people in charge of so great about diversity so worried about political experimentation with military. When we've we've been so guard right. Now we've forgotten the military. The marines and army country in the airborne navy seals raise..

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