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Last year, we talked about this is one of the best offense of line and football was really the foundation for what that team did. Whether it was Carson Wentz ordinate foles in the backfield. And this year's are alone. Pro bowlers at guard. You know, I it's kinda shifted around there. So that interior battle between them and akiem Hicks on the other side that you know, all too. Well, Sara is just an absolute mutant on the defensive side of the ball, excluding even Khalil Mack. But I think on the other side for the bears because yet downfield passing with Mitchell hasn't always been before Taylor this offense. But on the other side that eagles de line has been balling them. And get a lot of pressure. You've seen a lot of Fletcher Cox, and Chris long, and the one thing that I always liked is an offensive lineman that help mitigate that is something that I think they do pretty well in the bears offense, which is the short area screen game with really either of them running back to read Cohen. Sure. Oh, exactly could be a huge. Game for him. And when you get it over the top of those alignment, again, you're just trying to make those guys think because if they're allowed to pin back and attack you're going to be in trouble. No matter who you are the bears again schematic advantage for them though. I think as an offense of line this year they've allowed the fewest amount of pressures in the NFL as much as I love Harry. He stand their offensive line coach was with me at Notre Dame. This is also partly because the offense that Matt Nagy is designed gets the ball out. Quick uses a lot of those run pass option and doesn't put them in. Specifically doesn't put their quarterback in position that often where he's going to be on duress might the last game. Obviously in the NFC is the Cowboys in the Seahawks and two teams made offense of line coaching changes this year. The difference was the Dow came at midseason with Marc Columbus stepping in. It feels like despite the fact that there are talented individual pieces on both offensive lines. The story of them is actually over achieving this year. Like, I think Seattle's gotten a ton out of what they have and same goes for Dallas. Where that the the loss of Travis Frederick before the season even got going. Yeah. And you saw that was a huge blow. And one of the trends you've seen posted in this. Recent CBA has been often lines in general going in each year. Whether it's.

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