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CBS News. A cyberattack prompted produce giant Dole to temporarily shut down production plants in North America and stop food shipments to grocery stores. This is according to a company memo that was obtained by CNN, which reports that the company was hit by a ransomware attack. Shoppers noticed, and many have complained that store shelves were missing Dole made salad kits. Dole says it notified law enforcement about the attack, however the company says the scope of the attack appears to be limited. Money news at 25 and 55 brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. Over to Brennan Hazleton, Mark, sharp, or rather stubborn inflation is spooking investors on Wall Street this morning the Dow is down 490 points the loss of one and a half percent, the NASDAQ losing more than 2% a drop of 254 points S&P down 68. It appears there's good news for caffeine fiends in Boston with the expected arrival of a new Starbucks. While the company hasn't confirmed it, arles now reports plans for a space at the corner of Wilson boulevard and north Quincy feature the Seattle based coffee chain's logo and address, it would be the 5th Starbucks in the area. And talk about a golden snitch, the game video game Hogwarts legacy is a blockbuster hit. MarketWatch reports the game is the bestselling Warner Brothers games launch ever with sales of more than $850 million in just two weeks. Brendan Hazleton, WTO P news. Thank you, Brendan, ten 56

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