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Would be worth it now. It's way down to the seven ten or seven ten split right into the pocket off Jerome Bettis here on the rich Eisen show all right so What do you think of the big bend? Come back right. You think you'd think so absolutely the no doubt about that. He's coming and then and now he's going to be part of this offense where these young receivers are going to be what I mean. It just seemed that we were missing that Juju. Smith Schuster had a A wasteland of a season because obviously you're quarterbacks back's going in and out he couldn't stay healthy what a dreadful season it was for him. So what about this team because it sure looks like the defense we are. We are all good attack in that particular. The one question mark. Obviously Juju didn't have a great year but I mean Washington came and developed. Like you want your second receiver To develop so now you bring Ben Back you you. He believes you've got a couple of receivers that are really good. They are they gonNA cover. Receivers is really good. You also have have found a couple of running backs that are pretty good. You don't necessarily have that one superstar Guy But you've got a couple of running back at a really good now. You bring Ben back to the equation. He's the catalyst but the biggest problem that the steelers had in the last five six seven years is that they didn't have a championship quality quality defense. Now you've got a championship quality defense in you. You saw what they did with no offense. They were on the cusp cusp of getting into the playoffs. If you bring a little more offense to the table which I think being can do not only are they in the playoffs. They have a chance to be really special in the playoffs. So I'm excited about this. Don't think what you're saying is anything out of the realm of possibility. I'm just wondering about the defense. So T. J. Watt obviously obviously took a major step. There's no doubt about that. The rest of the veteran presence Joe Hayden had a great season. Well who's the biggest addition. Do you think that defense that made it make a big leap. Would you say right there in the middle of the defense would you say is the guy that the steelers made a trade for the first time in the history of the steelers into the top ten draft to specifically say. This is the kid who is that kit that did fitzpatrick. NOPE NOPE nope make. A Fitzpatrick came from here in the middle of the season. I'm talking about the Guy Right there. In the middle of the captain of that Defense of the future name is Devin Bush and where did he go to school. Who who did you devin? Bush was just here in that chair yesterday. Photograph on the screen right there. So when all of a sudden done when you need when you need when you I need that helping hand to use that James Taylor phrase and you need that friend. Who Do you call on you? Call on a Michigan Wolverine and Devin Bush. Do you not sometimes uh-huh the phone is dead. You call and somebody just can't get it. Yeah can't get but I will acknowledge Devin Bush Got a chance to interview you him early on on other show that we both were part of the grind right grind and and got a chance to interview him in that game name and he was outstanding young man. I mean had a great time with them. We joked around about the Notre Dame Michigan thing but on a serious no no he. He developed from that from the first week of the season until the end of the year. Unbelievably well to the point where he was one. The big playmakers on that defense. So I gotTa give you some credit once..

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