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In and get it done while you wait. Right, And the name of your station is the New York transmission group. Okay. Great. Also on the airbag question, Yes. Go ahead. Is there anything since they are expired is or anything. It's like much to do about nothing. It would be very expensive to replace them. David, What do you think? You know, it's a really It's a really good question and no way Toyota may be covered by the recall that's already going on. Uh, well, the way you could find that out would be to you go to the New York I know it's the national highway Transportation. What is it and a National highway Safety and Trance Highway Traffic Safety Administer administration. Our website. And typing and they have a section there and you type in your vin number, and it'll tell you what recalls are available for your vehicle and that that could be for anybody. Um, and it's It's a great resource. But on the question of the air bags, I mean, like, like Like you say, Jeff. There's so darn expensive. The odds are and would be great to hear what Russ Rader would have to say about this, but the odds are, I would say, like, you know. 15 years out. Would your airbags still deploy or 20 years out where they still deploying? Could they still save your life too? Probably? Yes, but you wouldn't find as Robert Erskine says a solicitor that would lawyer that would back you on that, Richard. If you if you email us your vin number Will research it and find out what Toyota recommends. You could also call Toyota and give them even number and see if there's anything if you if you're dealing with a reputable dealer. Well, you know, and we're call. Call Toyota Corporate. Yeah, you know, not not a dealership because the dealerships just They don't have the whole 10. Different places. You'll get 10 different. But if you call, you know, North Toyota customer service North America, you know, you'll get they'll come up with the right answer for you. They don't want to dodge that question. The National hired We Transportation Safety Administration website. Just if you go on it, I just googled that 2008 Toyota Highlander has, 13 recalls. That's that's all and click on that and see what's up. Now now, Richard scared to go driving his car. What have you done? What have you done? Me? I just told me it was one of those. The idea that the information is there. Some. I'm just worried about them, either deploying on their own from age or You know, uh, situation I've never. I've never heard of a case of an accidental deployment. Uh, That's that's not the issue, Richard. They in these systems. They've worked so hard. Toe with redundancy, You know, t avoid accidental deployment. I mean, it's like I've never heard of it. The wood there would The problems with ages. That is, you know is that you know what happens to the airbag itself. It starts toe degrade. The major degrades the front the front end Biggs I've never heard of accidentally deploying. But I myself accidentally deployed a seed. A big Just by turning a corner too quickly and hitting a rut in the road, and it was enough side force that have blues passenger side airbag. You must be going real faster. Just a rehash. Uh, that was New York Transmission group under the Whitestone Bridge phone number 718479. 8200. You could speak to other me. I'm Jeff for my brother. Carrie, we run the shop. All right. I appreciate your help on a great show was always thank you, Richard. Thanks for calling. Thanks for calling. Richard was our first technical question of the day. Let's remind the listeners that we still do answer technical questions, even though we're having a lot of fun here with automotive patents and inventions today, uh We still can take your technical questions at 8886927234 or email us at auto live radio at gmail dot com. Robert Erskine. Hello there, Mike? Yes. Do you have any other patents stories or legal battle stories from the other side? Well, there are so many that you don't really know where where? Where to begin. I mean, we we can literally have a days. Session on all of this stuff, but if we narrow it down just very, very simply to the word design. This seems to be a very contentious area. Not so much people stealing intellectual property, which is abbreviated to I P. So whenever you hear the term I p that means intellectual property. The intellectual property I'm talking about. Here are mechanisms. You know, we've we've heard about the Windscreen Wiper delay system. We've talked about at the beginning E s C, which is one of my favorite. That's electronic stability Control, which was invented by a gentleman called Anton Van Zack TEM, who worked for Bush. He's a brilliant Dutch in engineer. I'm talking about design on this word design comes up in many, many patent cases at this is what gets get argued over which is the interpretation of what this this key word designers. Uh, in its simplest falls if we just jump back again Toe what J. L R r R doing jlr felt that their design off their current defender and the one that is going out of production had Bean infringed by the company in the US You have designed a virtual lookalike on if you check it out. It is a fascinating story. And if you compare both the body styles side by side and indeed cleverly digitally overlay. Both off the vehicles. The jail are one and the any else one. You will be hard pushed to see. Well, where is theatrical difference, But there are settled his and it's this word again. Subtlety is ally to the word design. This is what seems to Catch. Catch people out on bond. You have asked me. Can I give any other examples going on here? Well, I can't really because, as I said, I'll just be here all day long. But what I can tell you is that one country off this planet Above everybody else who seems to continually infringe our patents is and you know what I'm going to say. It's a country which has a fantastic history off design and making on that is China. China invented casting it Z. It has a technology history going back. Right the way toe. How well first started out making stuff, but they have assiduously gone about Pinching, as I say in English language, which means to steal people's designs on Dwan of the most favorite ones, which I can relate to Europe is the smart car. The smart car made by.

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